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    Some info from Clarks about their school range for 2012…

    Clarks new Back to School shoes have hit the shelves and the 2012 collection has been made to last for all active kids. Kids will love the on-trend styling and parents will be pleased to see that for Clarks style comes hand in hand with substance – each of Clarks shoes are put through up to 50 punishing wear tests so Mum can expect the quality and durability that Clarks kids shoes are known and loved for.

    The rigorous ‘road tests’ include everything from scuff resistance to waterproofing, Clarks wear test technicians put the shoes through their paces to make sure that each of the 1,000,000 steps a child takes in their school shoes are the very best. Not only do the punishing tests ensure Clarks shoes are doing the best for children’s feet, but parents are getting the best value for money too.

    Kids wear theirschool shoes for on average 1,000 hours each year so a comfortable fitting pair of shoes is just as important as durability and Clarks have made school shoes that are available in whole and half sizes and in a range of width fittings to ensure the perfect fit.

    Not only do Clarks’ kids shoes look great, they fit perfectly and they last, meaning that that mum’s and dad’s money goes further. For stylish shoes that don’t compromise on durability, fit or comfort, plus a satisfying shopping experience, look no further than Clarks.

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