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    Got clamped in Dundalk train station on Sat after a day in Dublin (Farmleigh – all free) with the kids even though had valid ticket on dash. Not blaming clamper – hubby did the job for a while when nothing else was available & he got dog’s abuse. There is no adhesive on the tickets & as fas ar as I can make out it moved a wee bit when the doors were being closed & hid behind an AA sticker. I should have double checked but with three little ones, a buggy & slippy conditions …. no one’s perfect… Anyway…

    I rang up and eventually got an answer. I told them that I had a valid ticket & the response was ‘So?’ & ‘Yeah and?’ I pointed out that the notice said I was being clamped for having no valid ticket – when I actually had one. According to NCPS it is irrelevant if you have a valid ticket or not – the crime is not having it displayed properly.

    (a) Is this what Irish Rail had in mind when they enaged them? I thought it was to discoiurage people from not buying the tickets in the first place?

    The fine is E120 and if you don’t happen to have that on you you in cash there is another E5 handing fee for laser or credit card. I had three kids with me under 5 and the temp was touching zero, so we couldn’t wait how many hours for the guy to declamp us – so it was another E8 for the taxi and E8 for one back to get the car.

    I can appeal but he wouldn’t give me a name to address it to, it takes at least 28 days to get a result & – best bit – they decide themselves whether they were right or wrong!

    (b) am I out of linein thinking that, in such circumstances, being clamped on its own (and all the hassle that goes with it) should be enough of a slap on the wrist for not having the ticket correctly displayed – without any fine? Especially in this day and age and especially as (to the best of my knowledge) Irish Rail is a state company. I was at least able to pay the fine, but for that to happen to someone else in more straitened financial circumstances could destroy an entire family’s Christmas. Many people are on the edge & to punish an honest person for a genuine error in such a manner, I find apalling. Or is this just sour grapes on my part?

    (c) The NCPS rep was adament that they make the rules & that Irish Rail have no say in the matter, but surely Irish Rail can impose their own conditions on any company clamping on their grounds? Surely the dog should wag the tail, and not the other way round???

    (d) Is the E5 ‘handling fee’ over the top???? Who carries that kind of money around with them & how many railway stations are beside cash machines (in cities maybe, but in most towns the tations on on the outskirts, I think)?

    Has anyone else been in a similar position? Anyone got the money back?

    As I said, I’m not anti-clamping or anti-clampers, but would a bit of balance be too much to ask? As I said, am I just bitter and twisted…?!


    I think a bit of leeway in order….if u have a valid ticket that moved thats different to not bothering to buy a ticket at all….I would just put it in writing and keep at them.


    My sister had the same thing with them, she said she had a valid ticket and pointed it out to the clamper putting the clamp on, he scoffed and said "well you know where it is, i didnt see it"
    He STILL put the clamp on, he said he had to finish the job once he started…. she never got her money back!!! So dont hold your breath


    i would photocopy your ticket send it in with a photo of where the ticket was, i would also write a snotty letter and also state the case that you had a ticket things are tight etc etc i would hound them, it said for not displayign valid ticket you had one, that is a disgrace surely there should be some way of sorting it out…not like you didn’t buy one, and besides the time of yoyr arrival will be on the ticket so they can see that you are not tryign to pull a fast one on them…

    best of luck

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