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    CITRUS OILS TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES….if you are pregnant best to check if this is safe for you before trying it out. Thought might be fun to add since we are all stuck in so much with this weather and could use a boost!


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    BURNER – 8-12 drops into the bowl of an aromatic burner, fill with water and light candle. (Never leave a lit candle unattended).

    SHOWER – The shower is a quick and easy way to regularly benefit from using essential oils. A few drops (3-6) of citrus oil (Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange) on the floor of the shower (away from the plug hole) makes a very refreshing start to the day.

    ROOM FRESHNER – Make your own personal favourite scent! The Atomiser (€1.99) is a very effective room or car freshener. Use oils with fresh and zesty aromas e.g. Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lemon or Bergamot. Just blend the oils in water or in a floral water (5ml essential oil into 100ml of water would be a good strength). Always shake vigorously before using to disperse the oil.

    CAR – Keeping a bottle of a stimulating oil in the car can be very useful. Peppermint for instance is refreshing and good for nausea, a few drops on a tissue and inhaled is a simple and easy method of use. Alternatively you could sprinkle a few drops of any citrus oil on the carpet floor, this is also useful for dispelling unwanted odours (Lemongrass or Cinnamon). Ensure you select an oil that you like and avoid sedative oils like Lavender and Camomile, not a good idea while driving!

    Again, thanks to Ellen from Atlantic aromatics for this lovely tipfor keeping the winter blues at bay….

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