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    MaryE I was sitting beside rcoles family that night at the circus, havent been back since! :shock: The ring master said everyone in the front row could have a clean pair of underpants :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Funny now but deffo not at the time, nearly took him up on the offer :lol: :lol: :lol: After a closer look they couldnt have escaped but when they started fighing only 10 ft from us we didnt know that… I was laughing at my dh and at rcoles wife, they were both going over escape routes in there heads, scole was going to throw her ds1 on the floor and jump on him, my dh was going to throw our ds1 up onto the top of the lions cage…. just to feed to the tigers inside i would guess :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Me i was just going to run for the door :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Dont think i will ever go back to a circus again…. ds1 says it was too scary doesnt want to go again but not over the lion but over the clown that smiled at him :roll: :roll: :roll:
    Went online after this and read up alot about circus in Ireland and Europe, how they are cruel to both animals and workers alike… its a family business and they are like travellers. That same night i was more shocked that while an act was going on a infant was left at the ringside… i was nearly having a stroke as the child was trying to climb out.. the mammy attented the child and got on with the show… very cruel life, not an nice enviorment for a child to be living in


    Hi there,

    Just wondering if any of you have been to the "Circus Vegas" before?

    It is showing on the Europe hotel grounds this week.

    My bro was thinking about ds to it this Friday, just wondering if it is any good?

    We brought ds to see "Duffys Circus" a while back & he loved it. The main attraction for him was the animals, especially the lions.

    I wonder if there will be lions at this one as know ds would be disappointed if there werent.

    I got a discount voucher thingy but there are no animals in the photo, so makes me think that there are none!#

    Anyway, sure let us know what you think?


    I am taking a bit of a break from the circus.

    We were at one a couple of years ago, and they had a run for the tigers to get into the fenced ring.

    They had let a lion into the ring and were in the process of letting the tigers in. The run that let them in from the tent to the ring was only big enough for one animal.

    While the third tiger was coming into the ring the lion decided he wanted out. He ran up the run and hit the tiger head on, the run came up and the lion was sort of free.

    I have never seen a crowd move as fast in my life.

    The gas thing was the ring master was like, this is all part of the show relax, while you could hear some of the staff at the side of the ring shouting shoot it, shoot it. The Lion was out of the tent and they threw a net over him.

    It was very funny. 😀

    For the rest of the show very few watched the show, they just kept looking over there shoulder where this run was.


    OH my god, that is mad, i would have died.

    When we went to the Duffys circus a while back, we got front row seats & before it started, dh kept saying things like "we will be too close to the lions", "two leaps & they would be on top of us", he even had an escape route planned for himself & ds but told me id have to look after myself!!! -Such a gentleman, i had to remind him that i was caring another of his children, so he would be abondoning both of us – LOL.

    we hadnt been to the circus before so didnt even know that they fenced them in. Even with them fenced in though, they are so fierce looking, that they are intimidating. I think that if they decided that they wanted to get out of the fences, they could. One of them kept roaring & looking straight at us – it was freaking us out.

    DS, of couse, loved it all. The Lions & tigers were the highlight for him.


    Well, my hubbie and a friend brought our kids to see it last week…and it was BRUTAL!! My friend left at the interval and my hubby left shortly after this….he said it was very ammeter and generally crap!! But, my 4yr old thought it was magic….so what can I say…the innocence of him!! But we won’t be returning!! My friend had to pay €8 for her one year old…even though she was sitting on her knee!!


    Yeah, my bro thought it was pretty bad too and after reading what Taylor & others said here, dont think that we will be rushing back either.

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