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    My Sister in Law is putting out feelers for offering her services as a Church Wedding Singer, she is a member of a Dublin Choir and has performed many times at the National Concert Hall etc etc..

    She has sung at countless friends and relatives weddings including my own .
    I have put a few clips of her on my blog ..the clips are from last year at her friends wedding, the quality isn’t great but we hope to eventually do some recording especially for the Internet.

    She can sing in Irish or English.

    She was amazing at my own wedding and again hope to put a few clips of that up too.

    If you are interested in having a listen please pm me for more details , or reply to this thread.


    Oh My God, she is a fabulous singer! She was just amazing at your wedding HMM!! Would have no hesitation recommending her!

    My SIL is getting married next year, so will make sure she listens to her… maybe you could pm me an idea of price and I can pass it to her?

    Thanks, x


    Ah Thanks Yvonne,

    I will speak to Marian regarding prices soon.

    There are 2 you tube recordings on my photography web site blog at the moment , we hope to get some better recordings soon, and also maybe put up a clip or two from my own wedding.

    She sings in Irish or English, my favourite from our big day was" Mo ghra Thu" and sadly we don’t have it on our video due to the technical problems we had on the day…would love to hear it again. 🙁

    When she sung How great thou Art my parents were bawling crying 😆
    She was fantastic at She moves through the fair..all of them really!!

    She learned to sing "May itBe" by Enya for us too, which we had during the signing of the register…couldn’t really enjoy it at the time as that was the forgotton marriage form drama 😆 😆


    P.S does you SIL have a photographer 😉

    I have a set price for DVD only weddings for next year pm me for details Yvonne, also am busy setting up suppliers for albums etc…


    Oh I have passed your website info onto her!! 😉


    Hi there, I am getting married on the 13th August 2011 in Drogheda and lookign for a church wedding singer. Could you pm me if your sister is available and what her rates are?



    p;m you 😀


    I am getting married in September in Kentstown Church, could you PM me prices? Thanks

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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