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    Starting to think about this now A LOT!!

    Anyone started their shopping?

    Wondering what your little ones are getting? Cutting down this year tho, as a lot of the stuff last year wasnt looked at, and its so much pressure put on everyone to spend, spend, spend. There is really no need as the house is already overflowing with toys.

    Thought a christmas thread would be good to maybe swop ideas what your little ones are getting Vs their ages in case anyone needs inspiration!!

    DS1 – Nearly 7, have no idea what to get him this year, all he is interested in is computer games, but dont want to get him many as he already has enough as it is, need inspiration here, big time!!!

    DS2 – Nearly 3, Handy Manny. He lovesthis show so think he will get some handy manny toys

    All ideas welcome :lol:


    Hiya Trix.

    Im nearly done. Actually got some board games and these rythm drum sticks for J yest and got his teacher me2you x mas tree decorations.

    Just my mam, dad and 2 nanas oh and kk to get for.

    J(who is 8 ) i got the above, guitar hero for ds, dsi cover, home alone dvd’s, bedtime stories dvd. Planning on getting him spongebob lego and the big thing is a 20" flat screen tv, as i have no idea what else to get him at all!!! (cos all he asked for was a bodywarmer, which i got )

    last year when j was 7 i got him a game chair, could that be an idea for ds1?? wrestling stuff? new footie jersies, goal posts, skeletrix, scooter, skateboard, mecano??

    if you buy from littlewoods they have tonnes of handy manny stuff there.


    lol trixe – i bought almost all of my xmas cards in england last week, they had packs of 14 cards for ………89p – just couldn’t leave them there 😆 😆
    have a few bits stocking fillers really for both girls – haven’t got a main toy for either of them but as they will only be 3yr and 6months it won’t be anything major
    re other pressies only doing my nieces and nephews (3) with a limit of €30, best friends daughter, niece & newphew in england (have agreed money for them £15)
    so that only leaves my folks, fil & 2 friends


    Cutting down alot

    Ds2 got a vtech tree thingy 34.99 reduced to 24.99 in Smyths, it was what ds1 pick for him, so delighted to get a bargain

    Ds1 is getting playstatin games (2 new 2 secondhand from mt) a watch (on sale in heations) a transformers bed cover, an electric tooth brush (this is what he wants) and a selection of books
    Dh will pick out some kind of playtoy he is looking at action men or ben10 toys but all in all, ds1 will be done in or around 150 euro (but that includes a bed cover and tooth brush 😳 😆 😆 😆 )

    Plus Im getting rid of HALF his playroom toys, he has far too much

    he is only getting money and clothes off his grannies this year so no extra unwanted toys


    just looking a munchins post I had have a Main toy for ds1, cant count a ps3 game……. might get dh to look at leggo which he loves but very had to let him play when ds2 is crawling and putting into his mouth


    Have nothing done yet. Ds1 is 3 and a half and wants a buzz lightyear (60 euro in smyths) and going to get him a vtech laptop thing. He has to give his dummy to santy for them though. Lets hope it works. Baby will be 9 months so only something small to be got for him.
    Don’t have too much to buy for one friend and few family.


    Cant believe you said Christmas!!!! My eyes are bleeding now!!!!!! 😆 😆

    Littlewoods are getting their order from me soon!


    All done!!!! 😆 For the first time in my life! 😯

    DS 4 : Go Diego playsets….a junior scaletrix type thing to play with Dad 🙄 … and something Wonder Pets stuff…. and little stocking fillers.

    DD 2.5 : Princess dressing up outfit… One of those dolls where you do their hair / makeup etc…. and a dolls house thingymabob…. and little stocking filler stuff too….

    I must say…. the HANDY MANNY toolbox…. available in Smyths now…. I bought for my DD on his 3rd birthday, bought from States on Ebay… and it was the most played with toy ever…. by both of the kids… also the Little Einsteins Rocket… Major majorhit last year!


    All this talk today and j with his dad i decided to take a trip to smyths and get the spongebob lego and came out with alot more than that, but got stocking fillers and all. some lovely books up there and got him a mini magic trick set and some other bits. just the tv and sweets left.

    got my mams today and all. so just 3 left and im done. have my cards and wrapping paper left over from last year. so no stress and lack of money for me this year WOHO!!!


    I went up to smyths as well yummy, and I picked up the catalaogues so DS could have a nosey through them.
    Had a good look on the shelves as well, and DS2 is going to get some playhouse disney megabloks, and I think a Handy Manny V Tech laptop,

    DS1 likes the transformers so will get him some of them and were thinking a bike as well to get him out and about more.


    trix if ya getting a bike id recommend going to quay cycle across from scotch hall. its a proper bike shop and have good prices on them. I have j’s bike since he was 5/6 cant rem and he still uses it now and him 8. €120 well worth it!!!! he’ll prob get another 2 years out of it, unless he asks for a bmx or something haha.

    i could of gotten alot more in smyths i tell ya, had to limit myself.

    he has only asked for bodywarmer and suprise, so if he turns round now and asks for something i am up shite creek lol aw well.

    glad ya had a good nosey round 🙂


    ah yummy, Js so good, bless him a body warmer and a surprise!

    Still have the bike that you kindly gave to us for B, so R is going to get a turn out of it too, 😆


    is that still on the go, wow that lasted a LONG time didnt it!!!! Glad they both get good use out of it, shame to see it go to the skip ya know 🙂


    deffo, and if I can pass it on when DS is finished, Iwill, I hate things being thrown out, just for the sake of it!


    I am pretty organised too – only have 5 more to get on my side and a couple of those are vouchers…
    Cutting down this year too… it has been ridiculous the amount that was being spent on it.

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