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    We put the Men’s Grooming Kit in a waterproof bag that can be hung in the shower this year, we all think it looks great. We’ve had feedback in the past asking for a bag so hopefully it takes off.

    Cost: €19.95
    Contents Value: €30
    Saving: €10

    Men’s Grooming Kit includes shaving brush
    Hydrating + Sensitive + Protecting
    Shaving can be especially harsh on skin everyday. Many shaving products contain harsh chemicals linked to sensitive skin conditions. That’s why elave contains only the safest non-reactive ingredients. Developed by experts in dermatology elave men’s skincare shaves, softens and protects skin everyday.

    Free From: Parabens, Alcohol, Sulfates, SLES/SLS, Formaldehyde, Dyes, Colours, Phthalates, Lanolin, Fragrance, Soap & more….

    Contents Include:
    Elave for Men Shave Gel 125ml – formulated for a close smooth save without irritation and redness.
    Elave for Men Shave Balm 75ml – a cooling hydrating balm to rebalance skin after shaving.
    Elave Shower Gel 250ml – an extremely gentle hydrating shower gel formulated for every day use.
    Shaving Brush

    – Elave men’s skincare is dermatologicall approved and is suitable for sensitive skin
    – Elave men’s skincare is clinically proven and safety tested
    – Elave men’s skincare is hypoallergenic and free from worrying chemicals.

    Made in Ireland

    [attachment=0:3o7l4okn]‘s Grooming Kit.jpg[/attachment:3o7l4okn]


    This is really great. I got my dad something similar from Elave last year and he loved that there was a shaving brush with it – he had not used one in years and he raved about it. Reckons it gives a good shave. 😀


    I use the 3 products above almost everyday.
    The shaving gel is excellent – helps with a close shave with no irritations or redness, the balm is very refreshing afterwards and leaves the skin feeling moist and loose and the shower gel is brilliant.

    With the kids at swimming, playing football & training there are days I’ve to take 2 showers and the Elave shower gel is perfect for such use.


    I usually buy car fresheners for man

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