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    With Christmas coming, cult brand Benefit have brought out some cool special value sets. Our favourite is the multi blusher pack with mini push-up liner and ‘They’re real’ mascara. The set separately would be over 100 euro but is on sale for just 43 in the run up to Christmas.

    So many girls I know would absolutely love this (me included, hint hint!!) … t_1758836/

    They have two other multi value sets too, see pics below. For more on the Benefit range check out



    Body Shop always have lovely products for Christmas and some of the new ranges are fab. Really like th eHIMALAYAN CHARCOAL BODY CLAY and Tahitan Orchid Massage Oil, very nourishing in winter time. They come from a range called Spa of the world and are just divine!

    Charcoal powder is an ancient Asian beauty secret proven to draw out impurities from the skin, up to thousands of times its own mass. It has traditionally been used to draw out tensions from the mind too, de-stressing and calming. Use this purifying body clay as part of our relaxing ritual when you’re in need of a fast-track to tranquility.

    Purifying clay body mask
    * Removes impurities and soften skin for a deeply cleansed feel
    * Relaxes body and mind
    * With bamboo charcoal fromThe Himalayas, India
    For more see: … 200ml.html


    Throughout the sensuous rolling hills of Tahiti, vanilla orchid is treasured in traditional massage. Blended with ylang ylang and patchouli, its exquisite scent tantalises the senses with unrivalled enticing and sensual properties. Use this pleasure-enhancing massage oil as part of our blissful ritual when your body is in need of luxury.

    * Sensuous massage oil

    * Entices body & mind

    * With vanilla orchid from Tahiti
    See more at – … 170ml.html



    It wouldn’t be a Christmas gift guide without chocolate!! We are loving this Irish Made range of Belgian Chocolate we recently came across from

    The chocolate is all made in Ashbourne and tastes so good. We tried the big round chocolate with cranberries, pistacios and nuts embedded in them and they are really superbly yummy.

    They have dark, white and milk to choose from and small or large boxes of their range.

    There is a very cool looking box of orange peel chocolate that looks like long strips of orange rind covered in chocolate. Just so tasty and we love that its 100% Irish.

    Its so good to support local companies like this so if you are looking to buy a box of chocolates for someone special or for yourself over the Christmas, you will not be disappointed with these and its nice they are different from usual ones the shops have stacked everywhere at the moment.


    Yum. So yum.



    So, every year we all buy candles for gifts for people at Christmas. But, have you ever bought someone personalised, Irish made candles??!!

    We have recommended Brooks & Shoals before in our Christmas gift guide and this week, when they sent over a personalised stack of Christmas scented candles so us emblazoned with ‘Merry Christmas Siobhan’ it brought such a smile to my face that we had to add them in again this year.

    As well as smelling amazing, Brooke & Shoals is an Irish company and we love to support Irish companies on Mumstown.

    You can see their range here :

    And have a look at the pic below to see how the personalisedstacks look – I think this is really nice and would make a fab gift. It made me smile!!

    Brooke & Shoals is available at House of Fraser, Meadows & Byrne, Carraig Donn and independent retailers throughout Ireland including Brooke & Shoals own unique gift store in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. For a full list of stockists nationwide, visit

    Stay in touch on Facebook at



    I love the soap and glory products in boots. So luxurious and smell yummy. And there are three for two on all the products and sets in run up to Christmas. Really hope I get some 😉 Have dropped enough hints anyway!



    They have little Benefit sets in Boots too and they’re lovely for mammies under the Christmas tree. Hint Hint!!!!!! 😉



    I’d actually wear those kids Skechers myself. They’re lovely



    This lip set is the perfect gift for a KK, teacher, friend. It contains a lip scrub and lip balm – so you can exfoliate your lips and then soften them with the delicious balm!!

    Under a tenner,(only €6!!!) made in Ireland, all organic and they feel and smell amazing! … s&dppage=1

    We love this – we’ve tried it ourselves and its fab!



    I’ve tried that lip scrub and its brilliant and would make a really nice gift for someone. I’m going to buy some of the sets for my work colleagues for christmas … -gift-set/

    We have to keeo gifts under ten euro and this is great for 6 quid



    Have you ever thought about using seaweed on your face and body?

    If you haven’t tried it yet, we can highly recommend the Green Angel range, made in Ireland from seaweed, these products are gorgeous.

    They smell and feel amazing on your skin and are luxurious but also, free from nasty chemicals so safe for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who is ill or has a low immune system or anyone dealing with cancer.

    But most of all, it feels beautiful, smells beautiful and is extremely nourishing!

    Perfect gift for a Mammy, sister, Granny or anyone who likes good quality skincare that is 100% made in Ireland.

    Also, very well priced and available nationwide in Pharmacies and Avoca stores. See more at



    If you are going to buy yourself a present this year (or if you want to nudge your other half to get you something fab) we can recommend the new super duper jeans from

    These jeans lift bums, hold in tums and feel amazing on. They are super soft but somehow, also give a good shape.

    I wore a pair to our fashion event in Marshes earlier this month and got so many compliments on them.

    as well as looking lovely and being very comfy to wear, they have a special waistband inside the top of the jeans that kind of sticks them to your body so they absolutely cannot fall down.

    So you will not spend half the time pulling them up and worrying the top of your bum might be on show! LOL!

    Here are some pics of me in mine last week to give you an idea how they look!


    Moderator … ndle-night

    This week’s offer is for the fellas – comes in at only €30 (Plus, an additional 10% off with Promo code MUMSTOWN) Happy shopping for the guys!!!



    There is a cute range of toys and stuffed for little ones from Magic Forest Toys /

    We especially like the red fox, this would be very cute in a nursery and makes a change: … ome_feat_2

    Their pillows are great for little girls and boys bedrooms to add some colour to their beds. I know my niece would love this one: … p-header-3



    The little crown is so sweet, would look lovely in a playroom.



    How about some locally handmade cuddly hats for your little ones as Stocking fillers? Yvonne Francis from Creative Crochet has a lovely selection, including Frozen ones and ones for bigger kids & adults too!

    See some of her hats here: … 0933170715

    You can reach Yvonne @

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