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    was thinking of getting some invites to christening printed with babys pic on them………..anyone know of any websites i could use…..preferaby something very very user friendly as i am a total novice at this type of thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Member so easy and reasonable too, only thing is they tend to send alot of junk mail via-e-mail but otherwise quick, cheap and so easy…


    I made my own when we had dd christened…I just used coloured light card, picked a nice font and printed the inside on a home pc and printer, then drew the design on the outside and had them photocopied…As you are using babys’ pic on them, just paste it on and have them colour copied….its much cheaper and a nice keepsake…good luck 😀


    this is a lovely site, the quality is brilliant.


    I do christening cards. If you want to pm me with what exactly you are looking for and how many I can give you a quote


    Hi there

    I could help you out with these if you like. Send me a pm with your ideas and we can chat.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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