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    hi girls me again :roll:
    As you know i HATE shopping so need your help, looking for the best place to buy a christening blanket, not really going to use it just want to have it for the boys if they want to pass it on to their kids (please God) in years to come…..

    Dont like tacky frilly stuff just nice an plan, good quality and good price


    Hi Taylor, for E and A’s christening I just used a plain white blanket… slight design on it with the tassled edges – not ott at all – I got it as a present when E was born – think it was Mothercare or M&S…., so its not an actual ‘christening blanket/shawl’


    I was thinking that, sure I have load of blankets like that… Thanks


    I just used a white pram blanket…

    Kids used it for the dolls cots


    They had some quite nice ones for about €15 in the elegant baby shop beside super valu when I was getting my little chap christened in June.


    There are loads to choose from in Drogheda. The place beside Super Valu, the baby shop might be your best bet. They seem to have everything you could want for baby in there.

    Have you got everything else you need? Are you sorted with your own clothes…

    Hope its all coming together, you’ll have a lovely day!!


    No havent got anything done yet….. Im getting my bits tomorrow in Shaws and will get my leggings in Zara in Dundrum next weekend. im looking for shoes love your ones you had on at the coffee morning.

    Im going to the Elegant baby shop tomorrow, dont need a blanket for Alex, was at the meeting this evening and lady said even a white jacket or scarf would do, so i will have a look in marks and next tomorrow…. might leave their clothes for dundrum next week

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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