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    girls just wondering what you chose to feed baby when in hospital besides the breast is best option….just wondering as not sure what to choose, used sma on ds1 but hear cow and gate is good, so just getting overall opinion…


    i gave 3 of mine SMA but babs is on cow and gate nutriprem and i don’t see any difference in either one, have no idea how aptimal is
    sorry i can’t be of better help


    i started dd1 on cow & gate but according to phn was too heavy for her and changed to apatamil on phn advise -according to her it is closest to breast milk – never changed until she came off bottles at 1.5 and had no problems.
    have dd2 on aptamil now and so far so good – i asked in hospital for advise and they said the aptamil was the lightest one so if hungrier baby cow & gate is a bit heavier so they feel fuller


    Got the same advice as Munchin from phn – according to her it is the closest to breastmilk. Also when my LO was a week old, I had to stop breastfeeding her for a couple of days and again Aptimal was what was recommended (by hospital). Friends have used SMA & C&G with their babies though and find them both great so I guess it’s whatever suits your baby best.


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    thanks girls i will have to see when in then, has ds1 on sma but was just wondering what to do this time…..can’t wait 5 days to go


    formulas are brands. cow and gate,sma ,milupa the same way for example you can buy avonmore milk or premier .if you look at the ingredients they are the same.the difference lies in the grades or strenghts of each formula ,the heavier ones contain more whey. thats why you have sma gold then white etc and cowngate 1, 2.milupa aptamil.2 thats not to say one particular brand could suit a baby more than the other.milupa have a very good advertising campaign which in there ads makes it looks like its closest to breastmilk!!!!they areall made from ielements ofcows milk so one cant be any closer to breastmilk than the other.just read the back of the formula boxes and except for few so called biotics here and there u will c what i mean. its justa matter of picking one and trying it. so whatever suits.good luck 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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