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    hi i am new to this just a quick question i am from the north side of drogheda and partner is from the south side we have a 4 month old baby who we plan on getting christened in 2 months time we want to get him baptised in st marys church but will that mean he has to go to primary school only on the south side.


    No … you simply apply to the school you want and they will allocate places, priority goes to age, then address and so on.

    My experience is on the northside and they’ve never turned anyone away ! Whilst the school your child goes to should be the closest to his /her home this is not always the case … I see lots of grannies taking their grandchildren to school daily despite the fact the kids live on the other side of town or beyond ! The schools don’t ask for proof of address only original birth certs.

    Good luck with your christening and relax you only have to enrol by march of the year you child starts school.

    best wishes.


    Ditto thats not what i was told from one school on the southside, i was told Age and children from the parish will get a place first, before a child from outside the parish!!! Think things are changing year on year as the demand in areas are getting worse.
    my BIL lives in kildare and got his kids christened in dublin, he would live in a comuter area and never had any trouble getting the kids into a local school even thought christened outside the parish… ring the schools your intrested in and see what they say

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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