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    Hi there
    Could anyone here recommended a good gynecologist in Drogheda Our lady of Lourdes hospital ?
    I’ve heard about Dr Vineta Ciprike / Dr Rosemary Harkin, through google only but it’s my first pregnancy if I could get some feedback that would be great, looking to go private as I’m a nervous pregnant lady only 8 weeks, so far, very sick so far and hoping to find a good doctor that I can have a nice experience with,
    Thanks so much


    Hi !

    I’m joining you on this thread as I’m interested in recommendations as well. Congrats to you ! I’m 9 weeks, first pregnancy, sick and tired as well. I currently live in Dundalk and I’ve been assigned to the Drogheda Our lady of Lourdes hospital as well. I’m also thinking about going private, may I ask why would this be your choice ? My concern is to have a private space/room for labour and after birth (I think going public works for this as well depending on health insurance). I’ve seen pictures of labour rooms in the OLOL hospital, they look fantastic (there’s a large bath, a yoga ball, etc..) Not sure yet as to what/where/how/who, I admit I’m nervous too. Have you had your first GP + blood test appointment yet ?

    Hope to hearing from you soon and maybe share our experience 🙂
    Fingers crossed the sickness will fade away soon

    Cheers !


    Hi Marie
    Congratulations to you, on your pregnancy! Exciting times ahead! I’ve decided to go with Dr Rosemary Harkin & stick with the private route, I spent some time researching her online and there are lovely reviews about her so I’ve decided to go based on that. The reason I’m going private is I’m an anxious person so I think I need to be seeing only one consultant, that will suit me better than the public route where there is several consultants throughout your pregnancy, also I like the idea of a scan every Time you have an appointment, it’s just my own personal choice, id rather spend my money on that than be overly anxious my whole pregnancy.
    I’ve had my first doctors appointment but she didn’t do my bloods yet just dated my pregnancy that was it!
    Sorry to hear you’re sick too! It’s tougher than I had thought it would be. The tiredness is a killer too, I literally have no energy at all, do you mind me asking what pregnancy vitamin your taking? I’m on clonfolic multicare but thinking of switching to pregnacare to see if my energy improves a bit!
    Speak soon!


    Hi Ciara,

    Ah that’s good to know about Dr Harkins, glad you made your decision. I completely understand about your anxiety, it’s definitely best to be at ease and as relaxed as possible with the care you pick, apparently babies can feel when mums are stressed. I’m an anxious one too, but very lucky that the future dad is more relaxed and rational ahah!

    I didn’t know about the scan for each appointment, is this maybe included with your health insurance or is there some sort of “private pregnancy package” at the hospital ? (I’m asking because I found that this is actually a thing some hospitals offer)

    About the big loss of energy : I asked my doctor yesterday, all my bloods results are ok so he said it’s totally normal and suggested pregnacare (or any other pregnancy vitamins, he wasn’t specific). I was only taking folic acid so far. I started pregnacare yesterday (the liquid version – sweet and tasty), I admit I felt a little less sleepy.. hope this is actually going to help.

    I have my 1st hospital appointment on the 25th, can’t wait! I’ll definitely try to apply to the MLU in Our Lady of Lourdes hospital as they have a lot of great reviews but will ask about the private route just in case.

    Oh, quick question : how is your sense of smell lately 😀 ?

    Chat soon,


    Good luck girls – first time pregnancy is so exciting!!! Let us know how it goes!


    I had Dr Rabee when I went private in OLOL. She was lovely and her clinics were nice, never had to wait long and she was very nice and explained everything so well all the way though.

    My daughters birth went great and she was out in super quick time with only 3 big pushes at the end. She came on a bank holiday Saturday and the hospital was quite busy, and Dr Rabee came along a couple of mins after she was born – so she missed all the action, but the midwives took such great care of me that I honestly didn’t mind.

    Going private gave me great peace of mind when I was pregnant and the birth was great and after care really good too.

    Hope you gals have lovely experiences too!

    how are ye feeling now? any morning sickness? I had it bad until week 12-13 but then, once it went, I felt great. Loved being pregnant so much. enjoy this time, it goes by so fast!


    Hi Marie,
    So sorry I didn’t see your reply until now – my notification went into my spam folder! Awh Very exciting your scan is the 25th! I have my scan on the 27th of August, I am very nervous. I am 10 weeks now, so only 2 more weeks to be in a safer position. I am actually on pregnacare liquid too, I don’t find it so bad, I was on clonfolic and that was rough. In reference to your question re the scans at all appointments, I requested that, but if you can do that public that would be amazing. The MLU in OLOL looks great too, so If I wasn’t such a nervous nelly I would go that route too. In reference to the sense of smell, oh my god every smell is bothering me, We have a dog he is getting weekly baths now, as I can’t deal with any smells, Even my washing powder was bothering me so I switched it ! I had a febreeze vanilla air freshener in the house, I can’t stand the smell of it either, its mad! The nausea is still there all day long, I hope yours has eased off a bit. I am still super sleepy too. Roll on the second trimester apparently its nicer 🙂
    Take care ! keep in touch


    Hi Sabbi
    Thanks so much for your message! I didn’t look into Dr Rabee, but I am glad to hear you had a lovely experience with her.
    I feel the exact same as you with going private, just for peace of mind in my first pregnancy, as I am naturally a worrier. There is nothing wrong with public its just I only want to deal with one consultant and have a nice Doctor patient relationship throughout the pregnancy, Even if I don’t get Dr Harkin on the day, at least I had her along the way.
    I am feeling a bit rough, have nausea most of the day, but I don’t actually get sick too often, I just feel like I need to. My eating has been terrible! I am eating Tuc crackers every day eek. I don’t like a lot of the foods I normally would eat, but I’ve heard that’s normal. I am tired a lot too, but really hoping like yourself at week 12 I get that burst of energy people talk about. I hope its not a myth! 🙂 Glad to hear u had a nice experience, I love hearing the good stories, too often you hear of the scary stories. 🙂
    Take care & keep in touch

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