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    just wondering if anyone knows where i can get someone to come to the house for a kids party for facepainting or something similar???…really dont wanna get into anything major!!!…we will only have about ten kids aged from 3 to about 8……..or am i better off with the good old pass the parcel crack????,,,,,any suggestions???……its dd’s fourth birthday……the last one before she starts school so im thinking we will be going out somewhere from her on in……….oh…and i only have small house so no space for anything major!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pass the parcel and musical statues go down a treat and maybe some face painting – I learned to do a few basic face paintings like tiger, princess and can do them myself at parties now.

    I also use Dr Oetker writing icing at parties, I buy a few packs of large rich tea biscuits and set the kids around the table with the biscuits and icing. Its edible and easy to use and the kids can spend a good hour at that!



    pin the tail on the donkey is another one – think it’s homebase has a tangled version of the game with stickers – the kids loved it – especially when an adult gets involved.
    the biscuit/cake decoration is a great idea.
    Disco – my dd has a disco ball – we put it in the middle of the floor for her 5th party and let them have a disco for last 10/15mins


    A pinata is great fun at parties – we had a piglet one from Pinatas Pinatas and it took the kids an hour to break it!! That was money well spent.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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