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    I have two sets of childrens books for sale

    Playschool age – 32 books for €30 — can list titles if interested

    Frightful family 8 books for 7-8 yrs €10

    Adults Box – mixture 15 books for €25

    Wish to sell them in bundles rather than indidvidual…


    What is Frightful family? Can you please list the books in that batch? Thanks


    Frightful Families – meet the characters in frightful families – whose parents are completly crazy and utterly embrassing..

    Angelina’s Christmas – Helen Craig
    Happy – Jane Bingham
    Sad – Jane Bingham
    Angry – Jane Bingham
    Annie Angel – Suise Pearce
    Mine – Mary Rees
    The Way Back Home – Oliver Jeffers
    Roberta and Me – Sibylle Rieckhoff
    Snarlyhissopus – Alan Mc Donald
    Lettice – A Christmas Wish – Mandy Stanley
    Here comes the rain – Mary Murphy
    Princess, Princess – Penny Dale
    Fairy Tales – Large Print
    Fantasy Land Tales – Jack in the Beanstalk
    – The Emperors New Clothes
    The Snow Man – Shiny Board Books
    Suprise in a Basket – Safari Park Tales
    Winne the Pooh – A tale of two Tiggers
    Peter Pan

    Ten Little Babies – Lisa Kopper
    Tell me a Story Mammy – Mei Matsuoka
    Little Brother and the Cough – Mary Rees
    Lettice – TheFairy Ball = Mandy Stanley
    Lettice – The Bridesmaid – Mandy Stanley
    Penguin Small – Mick Inkpen
    Curious Clownfish – Adrienne Kennway
    Charlotte’s Web – Movie Story Book
    Mabel’s Magical Garden – Paula Metcalf
    Dinofours – Its time for School – Steve Metzer
    Martian Rock -Scott Nash
    Help = Christopher Inns
    The Best Party of them all – Lucy Su
    This is the Bear ans the Bad Little Girl – Helen Craig


    Frightful Families

    Millionaire Mayhem
    Chef Shocker
    Explorer Trauma
    Pop Star Panic
    Football Mad DAD
    Clown Clamity
    Headmaster Diaster


    Libby i will take the frightful family books…. pm me your details and i will pick up when im passing over the weekend, if thats okay

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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