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    My dd and her friend went shopping in Claires yesterday and brought Bangles…. I think €4 a packet – My dd who is 9 told me they are the craze at the moment,,,, All different colours

    My neighbour told me they are Shagging Bangles and each one represents something in relation to shagging….

    I remember there something about this before… Just wonder what others think…


    My sister is in bits over this at the moment, her ds’s are 10 and 7, the 10 year old has a little pal who has older brothers…. he had one of these on and my sister asked about it, his answer was "oh its a Shag bangle"…. my sister asked "oh what does that mean?" and her 7 YEAR OLD pipped up, you know what it means mam, shag is what mammies and daddies do in bed…… she said she nearly vomited!!!! She is very very upset over this, she found out its the friend who has older brothers who is spreading the trend about in school 5th class boys
    He also told them last week that there is NO SANTA!!!!!

    Its a new yucky trend….. horrifed to think that young girls and guys will bow to peer pressure over a stupid bangle


    Yeah I sons only and its scary when we see things like that. One of the young girls on the same street as me told me the name of them a few weeks back and i nearly fell out of my standing. I think its a disgrace. Now this young girl is 10 and she told me it meant kissing another boy. Sad really. So young and there innocence to be destroyed like that. Id hate to think what all the colurs represent.


    google shag bands and you’ll get the info
    Apparently alot of teens wear this bands more as a fashion accessory than anything else BUT there is the other meaning which alot of kids are being told about – my 9yr old niece asked her mother could she get some shag bands much to my sisters horror.
    i have heard that some schools have banned them and other schools are just enforcing the "no jewelery" rule rather than put the empahsis on these bands.


    Claires should be boycotted for stocking such a vile item..this shop aims primarily at the young end of the age groups the 7-17 year olds.

    I would nt set foot in there, other mums should do the same…

    Poor kids, they know no better..its the adults who develop such marketing tools and they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Same as clothes with grown up slogans on them, any shop which sells them should be avoided.

    I think Claires should be shamed.


    Aw here they are only jelly bracelets, just cos there is some gobshite out there who decided to put a name on them and hve each colour represent a sexual act is CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    My ds has these, now b4 he bought them I asked them why he wanted them, were they special,men anything etc and he said no its just cos his friends had them and they swap colours.
    The school doesnt let them wear them ( not cos of te "shag band" name but cos its jewellery according to them, they not even allowed wear sweat bands)

    I asked him what shag menat and he said….these bracelets. He is 9, maybe im naive to think he really does know what it means, but he has asked what gay was and asked me "mam whats the crack with these always things, what do they do"…morto but i answered him on both.

    Sometimes its the whole media scaremongering shite that we have to put up with.
    Kids footie jerseys no longer have the advertisers on them if they are alcohol related…..i mean WTF!!!!?? The jerseys just look stupid now and as if a 5-15 year old care about a slogan.


    Are they not called shag bracelets?

    If not then its not as bad so 😆

    I really feel uncomfortable as sex being pushed at kids, doesn’t bother me so much about alcohol advertisers etc etc although thats not great either. As I guess there is as much peer pressure to drink as well as shag….

    I suppose its gonna come to me eventually , sooner rather than later but I really dread the day my little dd comes home and says she wants a shag bracelet or whatever the next trend is …

    I really don’t think sex was so prevelent when we were growing up, and its not that long ago…


    They are called shag bands. Whats the harm if the kids dont know what shag means?????

    Claires arent the only place that sell them, you can get them in pound shops too.

    To my ds they are like yugioh cards etc the lads swap them. He has them ages, doesnt wear them everyday but if he does wear them they usually are the colours that match his clothes that day hahaha.

    Im letting him wear them for that simple reason, he dont know what shag means, he doesnt know they have this "sexual" meaning…..and do they really?? Is this just the media doing its shite again.

    No hmm my childhood was never sexified hahaha but then again we didnt have the media going bonkers on shag bands (and i wore them back them too) we didn have shops that sold t shirts with sexy on them……….Now that is a WHOLE different issue/topic which is disgusting. Thank god I have a boy and dont have to deal with those type of clothes.


    Does it actually say "Shag Band" on the packets?????


    No hmm it doesnt!!!!
    The shops dont market them as it, kids do and the media. Hence me not caring hahahaha.


    ha ha oh I thought they came in a packet labelled as such 😆


    R they like the charidee bangles or like plastic solid circles, cos if the latter I have millions upstairs! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    But on a more serious note, do not like the association or the prospect of explaining to 6yodd what all the fuss is about if it infiltrates scholl which i suppose even out here in the sticks(ish) is only a matter of time… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Just read that article helpfully posted by Caligal above (ta) and think this I’ve lifted from it would hit the nail on the head from my pov…

    "But it is giving young children a vocabulary about something they don’t understand and are not emotionally developed enough to deal with."


    DD asked for them and i nearly hit the floor 😆 she TOLd me the balck means to have sex.. all the other ones mean something else she came home with two of them a pink one and a red one it means kiss and hug or something along them lines. I threw them in the bin


    Oh no Lisa really?? 🙁 🙁 she is only a little older than dd

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