Children’s allowance – cut anyway, boo hiss!!

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    It does not matter what we say, what we do. We were outraged we protested, we signed petitions, we marched, we were outspoken about our fear and anger but still, they went ahead and cut the children’s allowance anyway.

    Did they listen to anything we said? Did they care we marched, protested & petitioned against it? Do they even bother acknowledging how much they have upset and angered us by going against the promises they themselves made?

    They just don’t care. We were down 58 euro this month – that is alot of money in one go. I think its disgraceful they ignored us. But sure, thats nothing new with our so called government.

    I actually got legal advice about taking a case against them for being prejudicial against the 3rd, 4th and subsequent children to see if we could get them to change the policy and take 10 euro per child and not increase the amount on the 3rd and 4th etc children.

    Not sure I can bring the case, it would be very difficult to go against them and sadly, couldcost us a lot of money if we lose and we just don’t have it to spare but I am so mad…..feel like I need to do something!!!!

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