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    Did anyone see this programme on RTE over the weekend? I was watching it and seen the most shocking scenes in my life.
    They were in a hospital in Gomel and they were showing how 10 kids a day get tonsillectomies.
    Then they showed a poor boy about 8 being tied to a chair and something like a pillowcase being pulled over this head, while the doctor forced his mouth open and cut out his tonsilles :shock: :shock: :shock: The Child was screaming in pain and the amount of blood was shocking, they just untied the boy and handed him a towel to soak up the blood and walked him out into the corridor where God forbid other little kids were waiting their turn in the butchers seat.

    Im so shocked that this can go on, I found what the poor child was shouting, well pleading not to be tied up and then how much pain he was in. I we seen this being done to a dog in this country we would be up in arms but a few thousand miles away this is common practise….. I know what charity is getting my money this year.
    I didnt post this earlier as it too me a few days to be even able to speak about it


    didn’t see it, but when you were telling me i was and still am disgusted…it’s mad that these kids have to go through horrific pain, and then there are other people like us that can afford to spend money in getting their teeth whitened, they don’t realise how lucky they are, god it really really needs to stop you’d be thrown in jail for treating an animal that way, it’s terrible….


    I watched the programme. I was in tears watching it. 🙁 I wanted to switch off but felt I had to watch it to see what was happening over there. Besides donating money, I wish there was something I could do. I was considering looking into taking a child next summer. The next day I read in the paper that the Belarus government have put a worldwide ban on their children travelling. Adi Roche is now campaigning to try and get an Irish exemption from this ban.


    posie I think they can travel now, I would even look into that too the programme affected me soooo much

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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