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    Mark Acu

    Did anyone see the doc on RTE last night called Children In Charge. It was amazing one of themost inspirational things I have watched in a long time.

    They were stunningly selfless given the amount of work and pressure they were under. I know of many adults that would buckle me being one.

    If you have a while free to day or over the next few days have a look its well worth it and there are a lot of lessons in it for us all particularly at thispolitical time.

    Mark Bell


    I watched this programme last night and I have to say those kids were amazing. I dont think I as an adult would be able to do what they do everyday. They are true heroes.

    It was hard to believe the lack of support the children and their families recieved from the State. They really seem to be the forgotten children and families of the country. Its maddening to think about all the money that was wasted in the boom and even then nothing was done to help families in situations like that.


    missed it i wonder if it willbe on rte player


    Absoloutly brillant programme!
    Its shocking at the lack of help and support that they get. Hopefully this programme will do something to highlight the plight of young carers!

    Mark Acu

    I thinks it’s a huge reflection on our society that this is happening silently under our noses. I have been constantly reminded in the last few weeks of something Opera of all people said once. (Ps I am like sooo not a fan 🙄 )

    This is what she said on one of her self help mission episodes. The next time you start pointing the finger at someone saying its their fault, remember there are three fingers pointed back at you.

    We all have the power to make a difference in some way. There is probably someone we already know who is looking for help, a ear to listen, a few minutes of company or simply to even say hello to them. We don’t need millions to do it weneed a bit of what ALL those amazing young people have………Compassion …

    To day start the change within yourself 😀 😀


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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