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    I was just wondering if anyone knew if children can have any hand luggage if flying with Ryanair? A little backpack or anything? Myself and oh will have 10kg carry on as we didn’t book bags on but just wondering about the kids they are 2 and 4.
    Any help would begreat.
    Thanks in advance


    If they have a seat booked (ie are not an infant) then they have the same hand luggage allowance as you, 10kg. I looked it up myself recently & that’s my understanding anyway


    I did it many times, as soon as child pay (2 years old) they can have 1 lugage of 10 Kg each (you can have a buggy as well)
    So, I had once 3 lugages to carry in the plane and supervise the kids and fold the buggy so it’s put in the plane, al bymyself with Ryanair staff looking at you and not really helping.
    Not easy to hold the kids hand and carry lugage in the stairs art the same time.
    But often as you’re slow, the person behind you will offer to carry a lugage or 2 for you.
    Or it’s always the Irish who does help. I guess they have a better understanding how it is alone with 2 young children. The french (and I’m french) will ask themselves why does she travel alone when she can’t hold the hands and carry lugage, but will not offer to help.

    So the short answer was yes 1 lugage per person that pays full seat.



    Yes they can have a carry on bag or case upto 10kg’s just make sure its not bulky as Ryanair are very quick to make you check bags in.

    Good luck – I travelled with them when my daugher was small and they were the least helpful airline ever. I had a buggy and was breastfeeding my daughter and even though I was at the top of the queue (and had queued for almost an hour!) because I sat down at the top of the queue to feed my daughter, they made me go to the back of the queue.

    Its like being in a herd of cattle.

    Hopefully you’ll have a better experience – I always try to fly Aerlingus when I can. They cannot do enough for you, they are so helpful.


    Yep def 10kg each once paying for a seat so 2 & 4 would both have a bag.


    Thanks for all the replies!
    Least now we know I was a little worried as we booked yesterday and it was only an afterthought as not checking in a bag! Lol! Won’t be bringing a buggy either as the place we are going rents them cheap enough should we need them (which I doubt we will)
    Thanks again!


    One good thing about taking kids on a ryanair flight is that they won’t mind the lack of space with their little legs! LOL!! 😆 😆

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