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    Hi ALL,

    Can anyone advise.

    Have a friend who is thinking of minding a child – Mon-Fri -08.15 -5 pm during term time only

    What is a fair rate for these hours.

    She has been offered 150.00 per week- what do you think?

    Many Thanks in advance


    that’s 600 a month so it sounds reasonable to me but I am not an expert in this area!


    not sure to be very honest depends on what she’s supplying or if the parents are supplying food etc etc

    that works out to be 3.75 per hour….not a hell of alot
    i dunno if louth county childcare would have what would be reccomended rates…

    before she goes into the whole childminding business she must make sure she has all the boxes ticked…

    takes everything into consideration, and one thing she should do is make sure she is comfortable with the people she’ll be technically working for, their terms and conditions her terms and conditions etc etc

    also if she were to attend mother and toddler groups this would want to be factored in etc….

    there are a few minders her and i’m sure they would be happy to tell of their current or past experiences



    not an expert but i know i pay my childminder 40 euro per day, thats 8-4.30pm and i provide the food, thats what my other neighbours were paying their childminder so i thought it was sbout right? i also got a quote recently from another childminder and it was 5.20ph which would be 234 euro for the hours ur talking about??

    not sure as all minder are different, maybe cheaper if the persons not registered but then im not sure how insurance works??

    hth x


    That rate is great…..

    …especially considering she will have next to no overheads…thats the same rate as a lot of creches for full day care… so its very good for a childminder at home in their own home.

    but as scole said make sure she has all the boxes ticked….first aid, garda vetting and notified to louth county childcare…plus theres insurance…

    make sure she has something in writing….some form of contract to protect both herself and the child….


    That would be on the lower side, definately not on the higher side. €35 would still be considered reasonable. Chickpea, just to clarify I am a childminder myself and do have overheads unfortunately. I pay extra for home, car insurance as many companies won’t quote childminders for some reason? I have found that I can’t ‘shop’ around for my insurance like I did when I wasn’t childminding. I also pay my own PRSi each year. Childminders can earn €15000 tax free but still have to pay own PRSI minimum of €253 per year. Also include equipement I have purchased be it cots, car seats, high chairs, booster seats, stair gates and other safety equipement. Then there are toys for indoor/outdoor use and arts/crafts materials too. I also go through lots of disposable gloves for nappy changing and things like wipes/tissues etc. All may be small on their own but when you do your expenses they all add up.

    One of the plus things I find to childminding is that many only have a very small number of children to one adult. The max is 5 children to one adult if HSE registered. In a creche the ratios are 0-1 year=1:3, 1-2 years=1: 5, 2-3 years= 1:6, 3-6 years= 1:8. Sometimes it helps to know this as people often wonder how creches can provide care at the price they do. They simply have more children per adults ratio so more income.

    Unfortunately, Louth County Childcare no longer runs a notification service for childminders due to budget cuts. They used to have a list of notified childminders parents could access but that has been cut due to budgets and there is no longer a Childminding Advisory Officer. Not great news for all the childminders and parents who used the service.


    hey mummy5

    i am not putting down childminders at all and im sure you are legitimate…but there are so many childminders operating in their own homes who are not registered, qualified or garda vetted and are not legitimate. I am sure there are overheads, however they wouldnt be to the scale of a creche IE, staffing, taxes, heating, lighting, wages, equiptment, arts and crafts,fire extinguishers rent, training,etc,etc..

    Obviously there are child /staff ratios that have to be adhered to and with regular health board visits to creches all regulations have to be followed to to the letter. I have worked in many creches and i can honestly say that all creches HAVE to stick to the ratios. its quiet serious thay you are implying that creches break this very important regulation. As i have already stated creches have regular health board visits. Maybe years ago when regulations werent so strict people chanced their luck but that is most certainly not the case now. also i know yrs ago creches were very overpriced but that also is not the case now. All you have to do is ring around and get some prices….

    For a childminder if you have children of your own present whilst caring for other children, your own children have to be counted inthe ratio of 5-1.

    I know childminders get an initial visit when they are first setting up (if they are registered) but is this visit from LCC or the HSE??? Also do you get regular visits from the hse to make sure you are complying with all the regulations???? And is there a control as to who can come into your home when you are looking after other peoples children???

    At the end of the day its all about the safty of the child…And the fact that creche prices are very similar to childminder prices does in no way mean that creches are putting the safty of the children in their care in danger.

    Its a very personal choise for a parent whether to choose childminders or creches. And there are pros and cons to both. But at the end of the day cost should not be the reason to choose which type of childcare would best suit their family. As i have proven there is very lttle if any difference between childminders fees and creche fees.

    Its a pity that creches and childminders are not policed the same way by the HSE…

    It is very unfortunate that LCC no longer run a notification service for childminders. However im sure claire and sinead and francis and the rest of the girls in LCC would be able to give some advice to any parent looking for information on either childminders of creches…At the end of the day they are still the recgonised board to childcare in louth…


    I think u read that the wrong way.maybe the way I put it. I was saying that the ratios of children to adults are higher,as in higher to those of a childminder. Childcare in general has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.i still think this government has to look at childcare from a parents perspective too and support working parents by helping provide affordable childcare for everyone.majority of childcare providers aim to be as affordable as possible but they are private business too and cant operate at very low cost to parents like community creches can for example. I finnly believe affordable childcare is a big issue now more ever with minimum wage lower now and people struggling with daily living costs.

    super minder

    some parents wouldnt pay me 40 euros a day as a fully quailfield childcare level 6 worker. and i provided 3 meals a day and snack . and outtings ect.

    i was insurened and had garda clearence ect after 7 years in my role i closed down . why because others were providing less services for less money.

    i take 100% pride in my work and love children . i closed up my services and was so sad in doing so.

    you get what you pay for people . cheap childcare at house for 150 ? where her tax cert and insurence and garda notices and courses.
    just be careful


    have to agree Angie, I know exactly where you’re coming from. Childcare in the home is going backwards I feel to the old way of women minding children for a few extra bob in the hand. It had come so far but budget cuts etc. undid all the good work.


    hey mummy 5

    i did read that wrong and i apologise. I thought you meant that creches were working over their ratios…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    you and superminder are right that its gone backwards when any one can mind children in their own homes and not have any kind of qualification….

    its a shame that this recession has put so much pressure on people that they are willing to jeporadise the kind of childcare they put their child into…in this day and age when there are so many oppurtunists out there it is more important to be extra careful and to do your homework and research first…

    i do believe that for far too long both childminders and creches were charging far too much…especially in the dublin area… but now people are being more realistic…what do you think…

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