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    Hi All,

    im looking for information on child minding for my 23 month old son.
    I would like to send him to somewhere small, maybe someone who does from home and is not too expensive as some of the prices i have gotten, it would be like taking a 2nd mortgage!

    Also what should i look for when choosing? im very new to this, but my son would love to mix with other children, he has one friend on our road that he plays with, however as this little boy goes to school, my son does be lost during the day with nothing to do!!!

    Any Advice greatly appreciated..



    Hi Michelle,

    Try contacting your local county childcare committee, probably be Louth County Childcare Committee for you – they are very helpful!!

    There is a parent & toddler get together at Bagel Bar next Tuesday from 10-12, you could come along and ask some of the mums & dads there for recommendations?

    Good luck


    superminder on here does childcare you could pm her and ask for advice she’s very good like that….


    Thanks Ladies, i have had a few ppl PM me since i posted that, however they are all on the other side of town to me, i live on the termonfeckin road i work in greenhills so i need to find someone on this side of the town, as it wud be pointless getting him across town to just have to come back again for work especially with the kids back in school next week. if anyone knows of anyone up this way please let me know.



    thanks Sabbi,
    but i work mon to fri 9 to 5 so impossible for me to make the parent toddler groups!!

    work always gets in the way of my social life!!


    On what to look for in a childminder…..first thing is to trust your gut instinct. I think first impressions do count for a lot.

    Arrange to meet as many childminders as you feel you need to until you meet the right person to care for your child. Meet them in their own home during the day as this is where you child will be. Childminder notified with Louth / Meath County CHildcare Committee can mind 3 preschool children under 6yrs, including their own or if HSE registered can mind 5 preschool children under 6yrs including their own. Afterschool is not regulated for at all at they are not preschool children (crazy but the way it is )

    Questions to ask.

    * Are you notified with Louth County Childcare Committee or a HSE Registered childminder (This at least means they are checked out by some organisation)

    * References from past or current mindees parents. I know I have no problem with that as its one good way of reassuring parents that you are a known childminder.

    * Do they have Garda clearance

    * Do they have current First Aid.
    * Insurance. Childminders who work from home, many have insurance to cover accidents, taking children out in their car, outings outside the home. Good to know everything is covered.

    * Contract. May seem a lot but its good for a parent to know exactly where they stand with regard to fees, days off sick, holidays etc. Saves akward questions later on.

    *I know myself, I have a form that I ask parents to sign which allows me to get Emergency Medical Treatment for a child if it was ever needed.

    * Do they keep a log of a young childs feeds, nappy changes etc as it is easier for you to know what happened during your childs day.

    * Ask do they mind other children, how many, what days, do they
    mind afterschoolers.

    * Ask to see where the child will have a rest, have nappy changes etc.

    * Ask to see what age appropriate toys etc. / outdoor play area maybe are available for your child to use.

    * Ask about food and who will provide the food, you or the childminder. If the childminder is providing the food what type of food is it, does it include healthy food, fruit, veg etc.

    Hope this helps and you find someone .


    Hi Michelle

    Just remembered that there is a booklet by Louth County Childcare committee called ‘Childminding – a guide for parents’. If you can get one will answer all your questions. tel. no. is 041-6859912 for louth childcare comittee.

    super minder

    did you get sorted pet. im in meadow view . and have a place if needed.
    pm if you want xxx

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