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    Can anynone with Children in afterschool Care in Daisychain please get in touch.

    I just got a letter in yesterday stating that the same policy will apply to afterschool care as with fulltime care… that we have to pay fees for hours our kids aren’t there…this is just ridiculous.

    one word comes to mind… EXTORTION.

    I really need to get in touch with other parents that have children in afterschool care… the whole idea is that it is a service that is needed when you need it… not to be abused and money extorted from parents.

    I’m actually tired, not angry… I have given up trying to tackle this on my own, I would like to have some support and tackle this together with others.

    My reason is simple, if I am at home or my partner is at home, during hours on days when the kids are at school we can look after them ourselves. I don’t see how we are benefiting from making this creche proprieter extremely rich.

    I am a businessman, I run my own business, and if I am not working, I don’t earn any money. That’s the same for anyone on an hourly wage… if you dn’t work 3 hours in a day, you don’t get paid for it, do you?

    So, those 3 hours – do you magically create money to pay a creche for something you don’t need on that day?

    I would like to meet with anyone paying for Daisychain services and discuss a plan of action to change policies in the creche… we have more than one child there, and we don’t get a good discount, we are actually going to get into debt because of the policy the creche is implying.

    If anyone else feels the same as I, that something needs to be done as a collective group please contact me.

    I have been in touch with the office for the Minister for Children and also the Dept of Finance where I have strong connections. There is at present no regulation of childcare rates in this country, meaning that a provider can in principle charge what they like. There is a plan to implement utilising schools for afterschool care over the next three years.

    That won’t be until 2010, our kids will be big enough to mind themselves then, but one will still require it. But there will be a wave of other parents who will be in an even worse boat than us in a few years with childcare costs.

    Childcare is the very basis for a strong workforce, it’s not something to be abused, nad to be honest, I feel too many people are bending over and taking the price hikes… just because they feel that they will be told, your child is not welcome here anymore.

    Well, there is a thing called the constitution if they really want to delve so deeply into it, stating that a child is entitled to an education in this country, no age is stated, just that a child is entitled to one. and an education starts as soon as the child is born.

    That aside, childcare facilities are ripping people off, housepricesmay very well be a big issue here in IReland, but childcare is really what makes people less well off or struggle.

    I am looking to motivate people here, I want someone else to take a stance and let’s approach the creche to get the best for our families, because I think at the end of the day that’s what it comes down to.

    again, going back to Europe… most other European countries have state regulation where childcare fees are concerned. It is based on what you can afford and not what they deem you HAVE to pay.

    They also have policies that permit for Free Afterschool care, some countries have 15 hours or more FREE childcare per WEEK!!!!!

    This is not going to go away, and I would be grateful if anyone interested in tackling at least one creche would get involved and take a stance on it with me… if everyone stands up and makes a point, they can’t exactly do anything but back down.

    you can contact me here, if I don’t hear enough support within a coupleof weeks I will know that people are willing to bend over for this policy and don’t think they are being ripped off…. come on, why pay for hours you are not using or earning any money for????

    how will these hours be paid for? Where will the money come from? Why should you give all you hard earned cash to someone because they are extorting you?

    and make no bones about it; EXTORTION is what this is – albeit minus the violent physical threat – but the threat of losing a place – that we already paid a deposit for – is enough to consstitute extortion as in obtaining money from person by wrongful means of threat.

    If these facilities think they have us by the balls and can squeez as hard as they want, what will stop them?

    Daisychain is barely open a year… it’s not even a year, and already it’s prices have gone up – to a fee I can’t afford – I could afford the previous fee and thought I was kind of getting value for money, but now I don’t think so.

    As I said, looking to do something about it collectively and if you too would like to do the same, let’s tackle it together.

    Looking forward to your responses.

    D na G.


    D na G that is outrageous!!!! My ds isnt in Daisychain , he goes to afterschool care in Beanstalk and i would go mad if they made me pay for hours my ds isnt there. As it is i pay €6 an hour and €10 for pick up from his school, so i usually pay around €70 a week, the thing is he only has to go every third week ( the way his dad works, he collects him for 2 weeks) so i have to pay €30 for the 2 weeks he isnt there , but i understand this as they need to hold his place. An d at least i have peace of mind that if his dad couldnt pick him up etc that the afterschool is just a phone call away to go pick him up. so therefore €30 is worth my peace of mind.
    Although i only have the one ds, i have seen Beanstalk notices giving discounts if there is 2 or more children from the same family.
    Is Daisy chain your only option?? if it was me i would certainly look into moving my children from a place that just sees the €€€€€ but i also understand that you want to solve the problem also.
    sorry i cant be of help to you but i just thought that you might like to know what i pay and how the policies are at my ds afterschool care. Cant fault them at all i must say!!!


    dadai, did not want to read and not reply, it sounds really shocking what those creches are doing …my dd hasnt however attended a creche thankfully i could mind her in the home, however she is now attending montessori , i can only afford to send her two times a week which is sad as she loves it so much, I am from England and there they have free places for children in the year before they start school (not sure what else…) it is shocking we dont have this and the other benifits you discussed.
    Let us know what path you want to take ??


    hmm they have early start in the school i went to and it is free its in ballymun in dublin they dont have anything like that in drogheda and when my dd went to playschool i paid 28 euro for 9 – 2 mon -fri and they got there dinner in school ….. if i have anymore ill be keeping them at home with me couldnt afford the prices up here for creches 😈


    they do have an early start , its in st john and st pauls school but it is very hard to get into. there is alos subsidised creches in the town, one in ballsgrove and one in moneymore, but once again they are very hard to get into!!!!


    yet but yummy they have them in all theprimary schools in ballymun and there is loads of playschools so every child got a place … my nephew went to the same playschool as dd and went to the early start everyday i didnt put M in the early start because she wasnt going to that school


    God that shocking, like HMM I couldnt read and not post.
    If I were you I’d go to the Local papers, the Leader of the DI would love this
    All the best and hope you get things sorted…. Did you ever look at Peter Pans in Bryanstown?


    seems like there is strong support on the issue and I only have to find a couple of people in the same boat in our creche.

    St. Paul’s has a great facility… I mean, it’s brilliant, and I praise them to the heights for it. That’s what it’s all about, making sure our kids are cared for properly in this hectic Ireland we live in today.

    Sadly, our kids live too far away from Rathmullen, they are only 8 and 6, go to Congress, I have heard of Peter Pan, but at this stage, we are look at finding someone private to mind them after school and leave our Daguhte rin Daisy chain. That’s the thing, you know, over Mid Term now we will be expected to pay at least 655 for the week minus 10% – 65.50 ain’t much of a discount and I don’t feel looked after as a customer with three kids in hte facility.

    I have refused point blank to pay for hours they are not there as I can’t afford it, I’m looking to line my family’s bank account, not anyone elses… otherwise, why the hell am i going to work everyday?

    There were some points in there, the papers should already be picking up on it and I am sending a letter proposing that the government regulate Chil,dcare prices and state regulate it, like it is everywhere else in Europe.

    Keep posting please, as it’s getting interesting now.

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