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    I am looking for a creche/childminder in the Ashbourne/Duleek/Drogheda area from June onwards for my baby who will be 10 months old at that stage. I will be mainly looking for 2-3 days a week. If any one has any recommendations or suggestions that would be great!


    Hi Doolin,

    Have a look over in the ‘minder finder’ section, you might find someone in there, good luck. Here is the link to that section: viewforum.php?f=22



    Hi Doolin,

    I had my little one in The Magic Kingdom she loved it there would highly recommend. They are down greenhills area in Drogheda. If you need there contact details PM me and I will send it on.

    Happy hunting


    Peter Pan in Bryanstown Drogheda now take babies from 4 months.


    I had my little one in peten pan for just over a year i ended up taking her out there was a few issues that never seemed to get resolved she kept coming home crying and i’m sorry i may be abit protective i don’t know but i wasn’t happy then i moved her to The Magic Kingdom have to say complete different story altogether she came home full of the joys telling me what she learned who she was playing with etc that never happeden with peter pan.


    I’ve my DD in Peter Pan, Bryanstown for nearly 2 years now, and I have never once had any DD loves it there,girls are all really nice. I’m really happy with the creche.


    hi doolin

    The best thing to do is make a list of creches that you would consider and ring them..ask them if they operate an open door policy which they should..This means that you are able to call to the creche at any time and there will be someone there to speek to you and show you around..
    Then make a list of questions and bring them with you…ie.

    explain the hours you are looking for but state if you would need them to be flexible as maybe the dh shifts change or you might get stuck in dublin,etc,etc
    what level of qualification do the staff have???very important!!!certificates should be displayed….
    do you supply nappies and wipes or do they??
    do you supply the meals or do they???
    what curriculum is used in the relevent room where your child would be???
    how many children are in that room???
    what ratio of child-adult is used…
    babies 1-3, toddlers 1-6, pre-school 1-10
    what is their sickness policy, do parents get called straight away if child is ill??
    what defines sickness, vomiting, diahorea, high temp,etc,etc

    the creche should have their policies and procedures available for you to have a look at. These policies and procedures contain a lot of imformation. I would only do this on the second visit of the creche you have decided on….however they should have the most relevent ones on the wall along with all the staffs certificates..

    dont feel embarrassed about asking tons of questions as your childs welfare is of paramount importance…
    word of mouth is great but you also need to know YOU will have a good working relationship with the creche staff..
    louth county childcare can give you a list of full daycare creches in the area you are lookig for…here is their number 0416859912..the girls in the office are great and have a wealth of experience too..

    good luck with your search…

    good luck with you search and remember to view as many creches as possible


    Hi there – Surprised you’ve had any issues with Peter Pan – I’ve had my littles ones there for over 3 years & have only praise for them & all the girls there.
    Hope you raised your concerns as I’m sure they could have helped you with the settling in.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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