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    Did anyone see the TV3 Morning Show Monday Nov 7th last. What an INCREDIBLY stupid and irresponsible Government we have in Ireland. I thought Children and family are at the HEART of the Irish Constitution??? :twisted:


    Didm’t see this but posted on something similar about how our constitution only protects children within marriage and how many Irish families are not recognised within our constitution.


    Sorry didnt see it…. but in this bloody contry nothing would surprise me


    Hi there,

    I did not see this but how can a child have no guardians – surely they become a ward of the state, in the event that the parents are dead and there is no next of kin?


    This is an incredible story of a couple who used a surrogate to have a child but because she was born abroad, the Irish state does not recognise her. Even though she resides her with her parents, who are Irish, she has no legal rights what so ever. No childrens allowance, no right to healthcare or school etc….its shocking.

    She is a beautiful, clever little girl who brings so much happiness to her parents but she is without a passport and is not entitled to anything as it stands. Just more political rubbish from our ridiculous government and the poor child is the one who gets hurt.

    Her parents are fighting just to have her recognised so she can get medical treatment she needs….its really unbelievable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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