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    Our eldest child has been prescriled prozac(with our consent) from her psychiatrist. She has had issues with her emotions in the past. She is a child that can be very minuplative and will get her needs but not always her wants. Which is the right way to be to me. We have been told after her last appointment that she is suffering from depression. I am shocked, horrified and sick to my stomack. Being the childs mother totally disagree. But on the other hand this is a professional person working in his job 30 years with children (that is what i was told when i said he was wrong). Don’t we all know our own children the best.

    Don’t we all know them, there little games etc. She is very good at these little games. There has been nothing that has happened drastically for her to feel like this. Nothing out of the ordinary everyday life. She has a rotten temper and recently kicked and thumped me so hard that I had to attend doctor on call and was then referred to the hospital. She has a tendency to tell a lot of lies and is a constant attention seeker. I can never understand as she gets so much attention off us.

    Im looking to see if anyone else out there has a child suffering with this. Or anyone with a child on that medication. I have been told it will help calm her down and help her sleep at night. My husband has no problem giving consent for it. However im not too sure. Anybody has any information on children taking this would be a big help. Thanks.


    Sorry you’re going through so much turmoil. Sounds absolutely awful.

    As her mother, you are perfectly right to question the drugs she is being prescribed. You are right, no one knows her better than you so if you are really concerned, maybe you should consider a second opinion? Theres no harm asking someone else to take a look at her.

    You did not mention what age your daughter is? Do you have other children and if so, how does she get on with them? The game playing and manipulation sounds like normal teenage behaviour to me (I have 2 teenage sisters and one of them in particular knows how to get what she wants) but the physical violence is a big worry. Its not right she would do that to you.

    Have you contacted Aware? They are an Irish organisation set up to help people deal with depression. They may be able to suggest some support groups for you where other families are dealing with a similar situation. I would suggest you start there and see how that goes.

    Hope things pick up soon. Keep us posted on how you get on. Mumstown is a great place to vent, which all mums need to do at times so if you feel you need to get things off your chest, there is alot of support for youon here.


    OMG that shocking!!! You dont mention your DD age so its very hard to give an answer.

    I do think as a parent our gut feelings and judgements are normally spot on, if you dont want to medicate at this current time, well then hold off and get a second
    If they think you dd needs the medication, well dont panic, medication isnt all that bad…… i had PND and when i got my antid’s i cried for weeks due to the shame and i didnt take them for months, but once you get them in your system then can do great good.

    You sound like you have travelled a tough road, maybe if you got some respite for a while
    Good luck and i hope things work out for you xxx

    Member … alresearch

    I have a lot of experience with this. Please feel free to pm. I will do my best to help if you want. I think within this type of "medical service" we mothers really do need to be listened to, I think your gut feeling is right so like I said feel free to pm.


    That was very interesting to read tiny toes. Child is 11 going on 21 in the way she behaves at times. She most certainetly does not appear to be any way depressed the over the weekend. And she is getting that much attention off her dd (aargh its driving me nuts). My husband thinks that the prozac (with our consent) is a great idea. And he has just taken for granted that I will consent it on monday. However, he is for a shock. I have a rotten gut feeling this is the totally wrong think for my d. If she is depressed why cant counselling without medication be an option. Ok so she has an extremly bad temper, why cant she do anger management. And she doesnt sleep either. She says her head is doing 100 mph at night when she is trying to get to sleep. And the psychiatrist said the prozac with help with those problems excluding the depression. But i dont agree. We all can have a bad temper if we want, we just learn to control it. And as for the rest. She’s depressed. Nonsence, spoilt rotten more like it.


    Have to say am very shocked – 11 yr old child and Prozac – seems very extreme and the hardest part is we assume Doctors and Psychiatrists are providing us with the best and most helpful treatment and medication. Perhaps you are right to question things. Information on medication is continuously being updated and lots of medication that has been available for years is continuously removed as more and more studies show damaging side effects etc. I always use natural treatments with all of my children. If you want any info on the products or treatments I use please feel free to pm me. I hope things improve for yourself and your daughter


    Yeah I was so shocked myself. I have had time to think about the over the weekend and I have decided that I am not going to consent to this tomorrow morning when we go back to see the psych. Im sure they will try bully me into it. To be honest im furious and if anything so angry that they have not seen through her games. Im dreading the morning but at the same time want to ask so many questions. I will keep yous posted as to what happens. I would love to get a second opinion but it would take time and where else do I go. Oh god im so angry that they cant see through her. Ok rant over.


    Would they not take the child into hospital for a while, just to monitor her. Good luck tomorrow and stick to your guns, if you dont want medication then refuse xxx


    Hi Michellet,
    I’ve just been reading your posts. How have things progressed?

    I don’t know if this is the route you have gone but the HSE have excellent Family and Child units throughout the country. You have to go through your GP and there is a waiting list but it helps to shout loudly. They have various specialists there – not just psychiatrists.
    Gut feelings are seldom wrong – I hope you got a second opinion.




    Does ur little one know about the idea of going on meds?
    if so, try to use the placebo effect, maybe for hubby too!!
    get ur hands on some fish oils, (which are known to have great effects for kids anyway), and tell ur little one that this magic tablet is going to help her sleep, and help her deal with her anger. It’s definately worth a try.

    like alot of the earlier posts, i don’t agree at all with medicating children, but this does not take away the anger, frustration and worry u must be feeling for her.
    I think getting her involved with something different, other than psychiatry services is a good idea. If you think about it, psychiatrists are trained to treat all conditions with meds. However, counsellors are trained to counsel.
    Have you thought about something like play therapy??
    check out … /Home.html

    she is still a great age for it aswell. I have studied in this field, and have worked providing therapeutic support to children under 12, and believe that play therpay can deal with almost all issues that our little people face today.

    Best of luck, let us know how u get on.x

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