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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any one knows the rates for child minding in child’s own home.
    My mum is looking after my ds since I went back to work but its too much for her and she only wants to take him 3 days now.
    I have booked 2 parental leave days off a week to mind him myself but am interested how much it would cost to have him minded those 2 days.
    Thanks :D


    Its an intersting one this…….when you have a child minded by a childminder in their own home they are providing a service to you from their own home, they are self-employed and can set their own rates, terms, holidays etc. etc and pay own tax and prsi.

    But when you take someone into your home to mind your child you are employing them and you become their employer…..all employment law kicks in with minimum pay, holiday pay, you paying tax, prsi etc…….

    |ts a big difference……..


    Thanks mummy5, thats not something that ever entered my head. It does make a big difference to be some ones employer. Don’t think I want to go down that route…


    I use an excellent Childminder… my children have been with her for the last 10 yrs..

    I have just reduced her rates due to the reductions in the budget.. she was so understanding… My children are 11 and 8 now, so not much minding there..

    It was €30 a day…

    My friend Childminds in her home, she charges from 7am – 2pm 4 days a week for a child under 1, €150…

    Hope these guidelines are ok…

    I do pay my childminder when i take hols… and pay half rate when she takes hols and i need to get another minder….


    Thanks libby1, really hadn’t a clue what the rates would be, but those figures are a lot less than I would have thought. Its good to have a ball park figure to work from.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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