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    Hi all,

    Where do you like to go with your children for eating out. Many of us do this less then we used to so thought it would be a good idea to post some restaurants/hotels that are very child friendly.

    The Glenside Hotel
    – Very good options for children, including half portions or main meals and yummy kids fish pie etc. It is very reasonably priced and they give free mash, veg & soup or mash, veg & gravy for babies when you are buying dinner.


    Bru Is good too. The food for kids is lovely. My sons favourite is Bangers & mash, the gravy is lovely & it comes with peas so he is getting his greens. I hate kids menus that are chips, chips & morechips. There is room for them to run around in Bru, they have a few toys too.

    Eastern seaboard also has a lovely kids menu too (Pasta, real Pizza) but i personally dont feel as comfortable there when the kids get kiddy. They give the kids a free started of veg sticks & dips which is a nice touch.

    We went to D’Vine for Sunday lunch lately, they have a really lovely roast dinner for just €10, it was delicious & served so nicely & kids can get half portions for €5 with free Miwadi. It really was very tasty & they were very nice to the kids. Had toys too.


    have to say i wasn’t mad on the meals in Bru and neither of my pair ate much but could have just been the day

    Keep meaning to try out the glenside sounds like my pair would love it – maybe over easter.

    Harrys used to be good for the kids but haven’t been there in a quiet a while


    I like the black bull bull but only now that they’re old enough to sit still!
    Might try the Glenside if it ‘s getting good review here 😉


    Harrys has closed down but a new one has opened in it’s place, Rendevedous. We went last sunday & was very impressed. My ds got a comp mini hot chocolate at the end… He was so chuffed!!!


    We have a few vouchers here for complimentary kids Glenside Mess desserts at The Glenside Hotel, if anyone is bringing the children along and would like one please let us know.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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