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    Hi there

    Can anyone recommend a nice kiddie friendly cafe in Dublin City centre that with great coffee?




    hope someone helps u with this as i have had bad experiences of child friendly eating in dublin…actually got asked to leave once as we refused to sit in a side room with DS,they said they put children in a small dingy side room so as not to upset other guests & definately did not want a child in their main restaurant…wasnt exactly a cafe though….and was at sunday lunch time…think it was called cafe on the green or something like that….avoid at all costs 👿

    Will be very interested to see some positive replies ?????



    Most Italians look after families and kids very well, they dont mind kids and a bit of crying IYKWIM


    Little Ceasers off grafton street, they give colouring out to kids.

    Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar – very child friendly – Menu & Colouring

    Hard Rock Cafe top of Stephens Green – Vouchers on

    Captain America on Grafton Street ,


    Boulevard cafe on baggot st, opp the tesco store is lovely, had my dd in there recently with no probs…on the downside, it is tiny and it is always v busy from aout 12 – 2 so best avoided at those times.

    On a more restaurant level, Dobbins off merrion sq is very goos also, no probs with childrens meals and they dont rush you out…they have a v reasonable lunch menu too if you fancy a treat !

    Have also heard good reports about fallon and byrne offwicklow st, have never been to the restauraunt myself….ooh and the Avoca cafe at the bottom of grafton st is fab too..


    Thanks for the replies.
    I have managed to get my friend to meet me here in Drogheda so we will be guaranteed a nice coffee in town now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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