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    I hadnt heard this on the news today but dh came in and he was very upset, he said some poor dad must have taken his 3 year old to work with him, dh was saying "how could that poor man go home and tell his wife what happened"

    I dont know who this is but my heart is breaking for them, I dont think I could go on living if anything happened either of my boys…. I ask you all to keep that poor poor man and his family in our prayer :cry: :cry: :cry:


    ohh my god, that is so sad. cant imagine what they are going through.


    There is a piece on the front of the Leader about it… a local taxi mans son… so so sad…. seemingly a lorry offloading poles…. and the poles fell on the child…. the poor family…


    OMG thats shocking….. God Bless his little soul and may his family find the strenght to deal with it.

    super minder

    we dont know how lucky we are. to lose a child must be the worst thing in the but so close to xmas . and knowing you have the littlle lads santa gifts and everything.
    my thoughts and love are with the whole family. i had a tear in my eye last night reading it. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    so sad, havin lost a child myself i can only imagine the pain… as u said super minder, its unthinkable anytime but coming to christmas will be so much harder.

    thinking of the little angel and his family xx


    I know to lose a child so close to christmas is terrible, but Im sure to lose a child at anytime would be shocking, I just think Christmas is a time for families and kiids, the idea of the family with his santa gift is just heartbreaking!!!!

    Dh is very upset by this, I think he is thinking that he has stood many many times looking at trucks unload 😯 We just dont know the day or the hour…
    I know most people wouldnt have life insurance for kids (ours are covered out our policy till 18) but would there be a local fund set up to give this family suport?
    If anyone hears anything let me know


    it’s awful news, my heart sank and shock set it when i heard this yesterday, unbelievable, what a tragic accident, and the poor child, and especially the father, my god, cannot imagine how he feels along with his family….

    you really have to think where danger could be…i have often said to my dh about bringing ds into work to show him the trucks and the brewry, there is in my dh’s work NO CHILDREN ALLOWED policy…i thought was extreme but obviously to avoid accidents as tragic as this… ds has been to his dad’s work but only to the gates and and handful of times to use the loo if dropping dh off at any point…..

    it’s really shocking, and my thoughts and prayers are with the family…what a very very sad time for them….

    the perhaps know that the whole community will be here for them but really no matter what people say or do it will not make what they are dealing with any better, it’s just so sad…..oh god bless them….


    I know this family as we are from Clogherhead. It is too sad for words. He would be with his mum waiting to collect his sister from school, playing around. A beautiful little lad. My heart goes out to the family and extended family and friends. It has shocked the local community.

    I wouldn’t wish this heartache on any family. Having lost our own daughter aged 5yrs suddenly its heart wrenching. If I hear of anyone doing anything to help this family I will post on here.


    Could we do a bit of fundraising ourselves at Dec Bagel Bar meet or at Bettstown Court on a Friday?

    Inspiration anyone? Miht raise more than a whip round if we do something a bit extraordinary, get press media coerage and boost the coffers maybe?

    Any takers?


    Wondering about the skating on Friday night, maybe if Funtasia gave it to us free again we could give the €7 for skating to a collection for the Dyas family, a little start?


    yep, a start, altho i won’t be there, have to state now, goin to yet another funeral in uk

    maybe a series of events then?


    I would disagree with this whole fund raising idea to be honest I think this poor family need to be left to grieve alone in peace without turning it into an event.

    I know everyone feels helpless in these situations and want to help in someway but personally I don’t think its appropriate.

    I would imagine money is the last thing on their minds at the moment.

    If it were my child who had died the absolutely last thing I would want is being contacted by a bunch of strangers off the internet giving me money.

    If this grieving family decide to set up a trust fund or donations to a hospital in his name or something and make it public then by all means then Mumstown should jump in with both feet…but until then I don’t believe rightly or wrongly that its the best thing to do.

    Sorry 🙁


    Each to their own.

    Only trying to help.

    Personally don’t feel that would be in anyway detrimental to the family if handled sensitively.

    Doubt that woud do anything large scale without running it by a represtative of the family first

    Can’t see the harm in wanting to thow a few quid in a bucket on a more discreet basis in the meantime. wouldn’t have to give to the family unless/until appeal or whatever underway

    Clearly nothin been decided, nothing been arranged, imagine those in support of the idea are going along the "strike while the iron is hot" mentality, not wanting to be purposely insensitive.

    As, to reiterate, nothing been decided, can’t see anything "turning into an event" and at this stage ideas are just being sought, discussed and considered.

    More thoughts, anyone?


    i have to say i agree with happymumble,i dont think its a right time to do anything other than pray for the family of that little boy.i know your just being thoughtful and thats great but maybe wait a few months.send a card to say how sorry you are.

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