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    i seen this in the journal this morning….. it says it will be cut by 10 euro i am guessing thats per child too :cry:
    i still cant under stand why the rich still receive child benefit its not right and its also not right that if non irish people live here with out there kids they get money for them… talk about giving it away!!! :shock: :x


    My sister lives abroad, maybe I should tell her to claim it 😈 – seems anyone, anywhere can get it but the people who need it have it cut and cut and cut.

    typical Ireland unfortunately. some days I really feel like jumping ship and getting out of here!!

    sorry for rant, having a crappy week. 🙁


    I don’t want to offend anyone, but I don’t think you can blame the cuts on foreigners or foreigners claiming child benefit… 🙄 . If a foreigner pays tax in Ireland, it makes sense that they claim here (assuming they don’t get child benefit wherever the child is too!).


    Well i think its time for the parents of Ireland to make a stand and fight for out kids rights, if we keep going like this with 10e cuts here and there in a year or two we wont be getting Child Benefit at all!!!

    That rule is a european, if an Irishperson was working in say Finland and their kids are still living in Ireland and Child benefit is higher in Finland, then that parent can claim the higher allowance, its very europeans right, we signed up for it, we joined the European Union so you kinda have to take the rough with the smooth…. ie MASSIVE EU Grants for roads, upgrade works, farmers


    I walked to Dail Eireann in the last march against cuts to child benefit and to be honest – while there was a good turn out – it could have been a lot higher.

    Look at the students and OAP’s who marched this year, they came out in force and were successful because they refused to take the cuts that were threatened against them. As parents we have to stand up and be counted too.

    I don’t think its about Irish or foreign people – the system itself is faulty and open to abuse and is being abused. If someone worked here and paid taxes of course they are entitled but its not that easy, people who don’t even live here anymore are still claiming it. Thats where the problems are, its not regulated properly.

    No doubt there will be another campaign against these proposed cuts and I’ll be in the crowd for marches etc and I hope more parents turn out next time so the govt have to take notice.

    I know many people use this money for household bills and mortgages – its a worrying time.


    I think its time to get the Trade Unions to call a walk out and a march on the streets…. we are the push overs in Europe, where the hell are the Government going to save the Billions they are talking about, this year and for the next 4 years!!! Does Blood out of a stone not ring any bells with them???


    I think you have to look at the bigger picture regarding child benefit. There is no real state funded childcare systemin place in this country. There are a few community creches but they are very few and far between, with most working parents paying for private childcare with no state help or tax relief…child benefit is the only payment parents get towards all things children. Also the ECCE scheme is very limited in thats it only for 1 year, for 15hours a week which again is great to have something but it for preschool education really, not for childcare. As for stay home mums who get child benefit its again, the only payment they do get unless they are married and a working husband can claim tax relief for them, but many unmarried couples cant do this and child benefit is their only payment.

    I think cutting childcare really is cutting into childhood…there are so many familes struggling economically and child benefit does in some way provide a little buffer to having something and absolutely nothing. I feel so strongly that children are suffering the brunt of this ‘recession’….families try so hard to keep the harsh reality from children but children pick up on stress and worry in parents. They only have one childhood and it should be the best possible. I dont feel this government values childhood….be it child benefit payments, SNA cuts, even lack of job creation and familes living with unemployment for years.


    Well said mummy 5. You are right about children picking up on stress, we had our car break down the other day and my husband lost his phone so I was not in the best mood and my 6 year old came over to me and said ‘smile mammy’ and I realised, my worries were affecting her. Sometimes we don’t even realise the impact we are having on them.

    My sister was worried about going to college incase it would be too much financially for my parents. They had to explain to her that they wanted her to go and not to worry about that – they had it covered. But she was picking up on conversations about money being tight and thought maybe they could not afford to send her so she was going to pull out of college this year.

    With VAT increases coming and cuts to child benefit, things may get tighter but we have to try and be careful how we speak around children. Its tough but I don’t want my children growing up worried or afraid.

    I really think our government has no clue what they are doing. If I wasn’t so busy with work and small children, I would think of running myself.


    Ladies were , were you before now

    Im so angry about the news of proposed cuts to child benefit,

    I marched, I met with Mary Hanafin, Enda Kenny and sat in on a invite from Labour on a motion in the dail to prevent the then FF government from cutting it

    If I thought we get the numbers I would march again! but this is were we are easy targets we have children we are all struggling and we are not all based in Dublin so the cost of getting up to march is very expensive.

    What can we do, meet or email or ring them your local TD’s esp Labour remember their promise ”vote Labour protect child benefit”
    here is a link if you want to email all Labour TD’s … ld-benefit

    check out our PACUB page on facebook please like it and share with every one the more noise we make the difference we can make, its how the pensioners managed to turn around their cut!

    Have a read of this … l?spref=tw

    PM me if you would like to help may be talk to newspapers or radio
    newstalk are talking about CB now text in 53106 if you want to have a say

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