Chickenpox outbreak

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    There is a chickenpox outbreak at our children’s school and we have our daughter home with a chesty cough and temperature.

    She has a couple of spots but I am not sure if they are chicken pox or not.

    I guess we’ll know over next few days!!

    She is the only one of our 4 children who has not had chickenpox so I will be kinda glad if she does get it now while she is small and it won’t be as bad as if she is older.

    Could be a rocky weekend ahead…..


    Oh no !! A couple of spots that doesn’t sound good another few days and you’ll know 🙁


    She literally has one teeny spot on her face, 2 tiny ones on the back of her hand and 2 on her back. I am not convinced its chickenpox tbh.

    we shall see….


    We asked Boots Pharmacists expert for some advice on dealing with Chickenpox and this is what she sent us:

    Paracetamol is the first choice painkiller for treating the symptoms of chicken pox. Nurofen (ibuprofen) is not recommended in children with chicken pox due to a very small risk of a serious adverse skin reaction. This is noted as a very rare side effect on the patient information leaflet
    ( … 160711.pdf).

    In terms of how chickenpox can be recognised and should be treated there is good information on the HSE website –

    We hope that’s helpful for parents as there is an outbreak at the moment.



    one of my co-workers is from balbriggan and his daughter is out with chickenpox at the minute
    my 7 yr old hasn’t had them yet – i’m kinda dreading when she does – i think it’s sooooooooooo much easier when they’re younger – she’s prone to scratching as it is 🙄


    Dannan had them in 5th class and I was 19!!!!!

    Youngest was a baby when Dannan had them but must have had my immunity still as she didn’t get them.


    I’m just thankful both of mine have had it…… Its a swear word in our house….. 🙁

    Daughter flew through it….. Son was desperately ill as he landed up in hospital with very bad reaction…. wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy….

    Joys of childhood illness….


    Chewie l remember you little giy was very ill.

    My youngest never got them but my oldest had them when l was pregnant. Im convinced he got immunity.
    My sister has shingles at the moment and l have heard of about 3 other people with the same. The C.Pox virus is causing the shingles outbreak


    Well, it has not developed into Chickenpox. Not yet anyway! Still watching her because her temp has been up and down alot over past 1.5 weeks.

    Chewie, I remember when your little guy had it, that was absolutely terrible. It was so frightening for all of us so I cannot even imagine what it was like for you guys. Poor little chicken.

    I am kinda hoping she gets it and flies through so its done with. I think the older they get, the worse it is.


    Taylor5 that’s a good point I was 8.5months pregnant when dd1 had them and dd2 now 7.5yr still hasn’t had them despite them going through school at least twice


    My little girl got them when she was three. So mild that I just thought she had hives until the childminder told me. Her brother was 5 and got them a week or so later – he was totally covered in them.

    Sabbi, your little girl might just have a very mild form or she might be the carrier and never get them 🙂


    We used Calamine Cream from Ovelle (Elave), Eurax cream, Phenergen medicine and also, oats in the bath. One Mumstown Mammy gave us a great tip to put the oats in a sock, so they will release the milk but don’t go all over the bath. So clever and works like a charm!

    Thanks FototballMad Mam for that one!!!

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