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    My 3 year old ds had chicken pox about two weeks ago, it started with a few red spots that developed into blisters the next day.

    Now my 8 month old dd has a ONE small water blister on her shoulder since this afternoon, could this be the start of her getting it too or could there be another explaination for the blister?? Would chicken pox not develop quicker?

    She has been in bad form the last few days but she is also teething, so its hard to know.


    No you couldnt give so young, but you could ring the gp and ask what he thinks if she is very bad, it can be given to under 2’s but only on GP’s say so… you can just give it but i’d talk to gp first


    hey mary

    it sounds to me like it is chicken pox…they are definitly doing the rounds and from my experience in working in childcare it might be a case of mild chicken pox which means they can re occur…so unfortunately its best if they get a good dose of them just the once and thats them done and dusted. if ur dd has been out of sorts then its a sign that they are iminent especially as ur ds had them…plus the worst of them is over before the spots come out. chicken pox are most contageous before the spots appear…

    good luck missis i hope they arent too miserable with them..


    Sounds like chickenpox, once the spot is watery…. the incubation for chicken pox is about 21days so very normal to have a 2 or 3 week gap between siblings getting the virus.
    Every second child has chicken pox at the moment, Eurax is brilliant for the itch, but at 8 months you will be very limited on what you can give… plenty of breadsoda baths or some porridge in an old pair of tights (about orange size) Fill the foot of a stocking or tight, place into the bath and let soak can be uses as a lufa, very soothing


    She was actually grand this morning. No more spots at all plus the one she had has got smaller. In good form, ate her breakfast, so not sure what to think now!!!

    Had to send her to the creche, so hoping for the best as have two important meetings in work today ( i know that sounds terrible).

    We have the Poxclin (i think thats what its called) from when dd had them, so if she does have them i could use that.

    Thanks for the replies. Fingers crossed.


    That could be it for her, some kids get it so mild that the parents dont even know they had it… that happened with me


    also check her feet and hands and the inside of her mouth – there’s a case of foot and mouth going around, and there’s a good few kids down with it…looks similar to chicken pox but really around the mouth, feet and hands and a rash…

    kids can be out of sorts, with a head cold, and temperature and off their food…it’s really calpol and nurofen and fluids and that…only can effect kids under 10…but can be spread by adults and children etc… coughing, sneezing etc etc


    Everything seems to be doing the rounds at the minute!!!


    Ok,ok, You were right & i was in denial – she has the POXY POX.

    Creche rang, they are even on her poor eyelids.

    Dh getting off work early to pick her up.

    But seemingly she is still in good form, laughing and all.

    She is such a little messer, loves the craic.


    aaahhhhh the poor little mite…her poor little eyelids…

    hope she stays in good form…at least thats her done and dusted with them….hope you and the dh had them too when you were young…

    god love her…its hard to see them so unwell isnt it…loads of cuddles and kisses for her…

    Sabrinab 08

    Aww poor thung, thats the way my girls got them too. youngest one got them 2 wk’s before xmas and Xmas eve m older daughter was covered in them when she got up!! plus she was very unwell with them were as the younger one(5) was in good form.. Found Zirtek liquid brillaint to help with the itching.. and baths with bread soda. I think their better off getting them younger, they cope much better!!


    Poor pet. I always recommend Fenergan liquid for the itch and Eurax liquid or cream for the itch, stops it for up to 10hrs. Hope all feeling better soon.


    Ah she is covered in them now, the poor thing, they look painful but she is still coping very well and not giving out.

    I have PoxClin mousse (especially for chicken pox) for her skin, also have Phenergan and zirtek but thought i couldnt give them to a baby (8 months old), can i? I must have a look at the bottle. Gave her a bath with the baking soda too.


    Chickenpox are doing the rounds again….keep an eye out if your little one seems hot, cranky, off their food etc. 🙁


    ohh please don’t say that – I was telling someone that my dd2 hadn’t got chickenpox and she jokingly said oh I hope she doesn’t get them for dd1’s communion – which is fast approaching – fingers crossed

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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