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    My nephew is Italian – I was talking to his dad today and he is 4 and has chicken poxs.

    Its against the law for him to got outside when he has chicken pox – strange country…he is really suffering because they have a heat wave where he lives at the moment..


    that’s a little extreme alright!
    Though it does annoy me that people bring a child that obviously has chicken pox to a public place – it’s a contagious illness until all the spots have crusted over and it’s also an illness that can be dangerous to pregnant women and elederly people too. I know there’s nothing you can do when it’s brewing but once the spots appear i do think it’s better to keep a child at home.


    One of the worst things about chickenpox is that the child is contagious before you can see the spots! So you send your child to school or creche etc and have no idea they have it.

    Its a horrible illness for kids – ours were very poorly with it. We kept them inside for the first week and then once the spots had crusted over and they were healing, we got them back out and about.

    Poor little mite – hope they have lots of calomine cream in Italy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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