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    Hi all,

    I was in Drogheda town centre today looking for a charm bracelet for my sister, who will be 18 next week.

    I was shocked at how much the main jewellers were charging – 60 euro for the plain bracelet and then each charm has to be bought individually. To get her a nice one would have cost me at least 100 euro! I told them my budget was around 40-50 and they nearly laughed at me.

    Disheartened, I was walking down Stockwell lane and popped into Charming Jewellers. They have a fabulous collection of charm bracelets and lots of beautiful handmade jewellery.

    I got her a fab charm bracelet with lots of charms on it for 30 euro. It is totally gorgeous – in fact it was so nice I got one for myself too.

    Mine has little handbags hanging out of it (so me!!). I’ll be showing it off at the mumstown night tonight in Bettystown Court

    If anyone needs to buy any jewellery I would highly recommend this jewellers. She makes her own stuff so you can get original pieces that no one else will have and the prices are very reasonable

    And the lady in there is very helpful and friendly (as in, she did not laugh at my 50 euro budget restriction, in fact she could not have been nicer!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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