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    This was strange day today. I loaded my car with big toy kitchen, set of doll accesories-pram,cot,car seat…. and few play houses. Stoped at Peter street and asked if they would love to have toys,i roughly described what i had,but at the first second i saw face :x ,and then men said, this big plastik thing, we dont want it,its more for summer to play :shock: (i didn’t know kitchens happens to be outside in normal houses,i think that is indoor toy), he roughly looked in to my boot and said ,well i think we dont need any thing …..
    Well i was shocked, toys are clean and in used but very good condition, silly me to think they would be happy to have them,i parked on yellow lines, stoped trafick for 1 minute – for just NO WE DONT NEED TOYS FOR FREE
    I can throw them out,no problem,but i used thiese shops a lot few years ago,and i bought lots of toys there,without charity shops my children wouldnt have toys when we came to Ireland. I was so happy that now we are able to give something good back….. :roll:
    Hope there is some sense in my storry and sorry for some grammar mistake :oops:


    No grammar mistakes stop the sense of that tale (and v few anyway!), how bizarre.

    DH car packed with black bin bags full of toys, was gonna send himto SVP in Mell where at least twice they have taken similar off me before – having 2nd thoughts now in case they won’t accept having heard this.

    Anyone know somewhere where they defo take them?


    did you try the hospital or creches? i gave alot to dds creche last year around 2 big bags and a toy box full.


    yes 2nd the creche, ds’s creche were delighted.


    hi i have heard of this before as i was looking for outdoor toys during the summer the girl in the charity shop told me they wont take any big toys in because they just dont have the room so dont take it personally i know its hard when you know how appreciated they would be from someone out their , you know it would be a great idea to have a kind of toy archive that people could take something they need and then put it back up for someone else to borrow as i am sure lots of parents have so many well loved toys clothes buggys ect that thay would love to see reused again and again whilst maybe getting something they need. lets hope someone with get up and go does it 😆 😆


    I used to give dds things up to the hospitals but they dont take them anymore because of the hospital bugs.

    why dont you put them up here and see if anyone takes them. or jumbletown for free
    . ill take a house and kitchen off you for my back garden for ds since i gave all these away when dd was older


    What about one of the parent and toddler group most are run from church halls and I am sure they would appreciate the donation. There is one in Mayoralty Street run by a lady called Petrina.


    I was talking to one of my neighbours and she was livid about the same thing but regarding a sofa, its only a few years old but she wanted to get a leather sofa as they have dogs,
    She got a company in to clean the sofa and rang SVDP, a man calledand said he didnt want the sofa as it wasnt "current" She said would someone out there not be happy with a good clean sofa? She was laughing at when they got there house they had a bed, an oven and a fridge and 2 deck chairs 🙄 😆 😆 😆
    The celtic tiger has alot to answer for


    you could aiways do a car boot sale with the stuff & then give money to charity of your choice? thats what i did with Drogheda animal rescue….

    it may sound mean that they wont take them but i used to do a lot of car boot sales for drogheda animal rescue & keep all teh stuff people donated in a corner of my side room ..but of course it wasnt ideal & then i got sick & cdnt do them for a while & for months had all this stuff piling up in room so when people offered me stuff i had to say no as we just didnt have space for it & the rescue centre hasnt even got space to hold animals let alone stuff for selling to make money…a viscious circle which i imagine is same for many charities….


    I had a similar situation. Before Christmas I had a big clearout and I had a massive box of perfectly good toys, all clean and working. Anything any way scruffy I had thrown in the bin. I thought it would be nice to see them go to somewhere they would be appreciated and needed, to help someone who didn’t have much this Christmas and at a friends suggestion I emailed my local Womens Refuge asking if they wanted them. I got a polite email in reply to say thank you but we are not able to accept them. I have also had a suggestion that I donate them to my local toddler group but tbh I go there and they have plenty. I really don’t feel my toys would really benefit the group. Any other ideas anyone?


    If they are smaller toys I am sure the charity shops wil take them..or perhaps just take in a few at a time each time you go to drogheda?

    car boot sales are way to go… as childrens toys go great there…especially if they are clean & in good condition….maybe we should have a rota for a mumstown car boot sale with funds going to a chosen charity?…trouble is thou then you are left with the stuff you dont sell havin to be stored until next time…i just dont like to see thinsg thrown away…but we all need to declutter its good for the soul !! 🙂


    SVP on Trinity st took loads of toys from me, they were really nice. I had two car loads so in the spirit of fairness, I took the second load to SVP on Peter St.

    However, they were not so nice, I had 2 bikes and they didn’t even help me carry them into the shop. They did not say thanks or can we help you with that – I had to ask, is it ok to donate these toys????

    I knowthe guys who is over the the SVP centres in the area and I will call him about this. I don’t think there is any justification for not taking good quality toys, so what if they are a summer or winter toy – a toy is a toy to a child.

    You could try the womens refuge in Drogheda, they are always looking for donations or you could try SVP on the main st in Balbriggan. They took a Mamas and Papas car seat (in brilliant condition) from me, when SVP Peter St refused to take it.

    Or, as a last resort, you could give it to one of the charities who pop a plastic bag through your door but be aware of those, I know some who have gone into the garden of people and taken other things, as well as the black bags and just said that because they were left out, they assumed they were allowed to take them. One group took a new bike and scooter out of a garden because they were left out at the same time as the black bags.

    Sorry this happened to you, I hope it does not turn you off being charitable in the future. Its a pain in the bum when you try to do the right thing and get it thrown back at you.

    Good luck getting sorted with your donations. You could even try selling them cheap at a car boot sale and donating the money to charity either?


    I have a lot of toys in our house that my child is not using or playing it. Maybe I should give it to the charity so the children, there can play and be happy for the things that I gave. I am going to do this today and my son is with me too.


    This is the thread I was looking for!

    Just fyi one and all, I took a bin bag full of toys to SVP Trinity St in Mell and they were nothing but lovely and thilled to take them last Friday.



    also mrs quinns on narrow west street…..

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