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    Wow – every day I am learning more about our public education system in Canada. I have children in both elementary and middle school who both have distinct and unique challenges.

    Would love to connect with others who have similar situations/experiences in Ireland. I am very curious to know how issues of these natures are addressed by the health and education systems in other countries. :?

    My gr 6 student is transitioning off nursing support for her diabetes management and underlying issues are presenting which have been masked by the special assistance she has received all these years to help her manage her diabetes.

    My Kindie is starting now to settle after a very rough start where I almost pulled him out of school fearing that was the only answer as I refuse to medicate him….more on that at my bolg[url:3f3usrnw][/url:3f3usrnw]

    Parenting – the great commission – my main concern is that my kids remain positive about education and learning in the face of their challenges and do their best as a value system! :-D

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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