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    I telephoned Laytown Health Centre this morning to arrange an appointment for a cervical smear test. I was told that Our Lady of Lourdes have refused to accept any further smear tests from the Health Centre. They have given no explanation or alternative. I am outraged by this. I had CIN 3 in the past and this was to be my first smear test since my daughter was born. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


    i’d ring them back and ask them what are you supposed to do and what are your options


    I was in my Boyne Medical Centre on Friday last and there was a notice on the board that are are currently doing free cervical smear tests for the month of October. I had one done with them three months ago and got the results posted to me after two months.

    There number is 9844282


    Sunnydaze I wouldnt leave it, try rining the OLOL direct or through another clinic…. I think all smears for woman between 25 and 60 are free now so try and get onto their help line (dont know the name, but even ring breastcheck they might have the details)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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