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    Hi all,

    I am following a pagan path, and of course this has very strongs links to the Celtic traditions, many of which I am discovering originated here in Ireland…..as i follow the wheel of the year, many celebrations can involve children, which is wonderful…..

    Yule Log Hike

    Materials: Warm Clothes, Sense of Adventure.

    This is an activity that can be done the weekend before Yule, 21st December. On a bright crisp morning, dress the family warmly and head for the park, mountains, or beach. As you hike along, looking for that special Yule log to place in your hearth, also be looking for decorations to make it personalized by each member of the family. Select a proportionally sized log that will fit easily into your fire place. Ash, oak, or cedar make great Yule logs. Try to find one that has already fallen and is on the ground. On the beach, driftwood can be found and obtained for your log. As you are looking, or on your way back home look for natural decorations to adorn your Yule log with. Traditional adornments are, pine cones, leaves, holly sprigs, mistletoe sprigs, rosebuds, winter flowers, wheat stalks, and corn husks. If you must cut anything from a living plant, remember to ask and thank the plant for its gift. If you don’t have a fire place, select a smaller log, slightly flat on one side so that it doesn’t roll. Explain how the Yule log was set ablaze on Solstice night, the darkest night of the year to help vanquish the darkness and add strength to the returning sun, the days will now start to get longer with the sun higher in the sky.

    The Yule log should be decorated by members of all the family and then on the evening of the 21st can be burned in your fireplace traditionally, or of course it can be used as a decoration for Christmas if you prefer.

    Isn’t it wonderful to get back to the traditions of our ancestors…….enjoy!!

    Moonflower x





    Yes, sorry Libby, thats what i should of called it……its for all the family to be involved. Even those without children, it a lovely activity to do together…


    I love pagan traditions too, most of the Christian celebrations have been created from original pagan festivals – and to be honest the pagan types sounded much more fun, and always were a celebration of life – giving thanks – the harvest – summer and winter solstace’s, halloween for rememberance, and so on!

    We are always going hiking and walking, so with this inspiration I will set a theme for the Yule Log Hunt, to decorate and put in the hearth!

    Thanks Moon.

    Keep these ideas coming – I love them.

    There’s a book Ive read and re-read called The Celestine Profecy. If you’ve not read it, get it! It covers synchrinocity (SP) and energies, and human interactions… all set in an adventure story in Peru. Think you’d like it!


    We made yule logs when we were kids and sold them to the neighbours, we would make a packet…. I dad had a few yard so we didnt have far to go for our logs 😆 😆 😆
    Thanks for the great idea, Im saving my loo and kitchen roll holders to make santa and his helpers


    Trust you Taylor 😆 😆 😆


    I have bought Christmas chocolate santa/snowman making sets in Tesco (about 5 euro each TBH I didn’t look to closely @ reciept)

    You get…
    * chocolate
    * a mould
    * tube of icing to decorate
    * & a few buttons

    Melt chocolate put it in mould & then fridge then when it sets pop it out & decorate it

    I know it’ll occupy my small people for a while on Christmas eve & then they can eat it for desert Christmas day 😀


    Pink the 2euro shop has a similar type of thing, it has a few moulds and plaster and 4 magnets. I think there is a snowman, Santa and a xmas tree plus little pots of paint for decoration.
    Might make nice cheap stocking fillers for grand parents, Im going to pick some up next week as ds loves playing with my mams fridge magnets.


    everyday you can learn something new 😆
    my dd like to make things, so we give it a go 😆
    i am going to ask my parents in law about that, see what they know about it 🙂


    I like the sound of those Pink and Taylor, must look at picking up some for E to make – and give to the grandparents..


    I will keep my eye out for them thanks taylor

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