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    Care at a time of Loss: AIMSI Pregnancy Loss Survey

    The Association for Improvements in the
    Maternity Services, Ireland (AIMSI) are a consumer advocacy group looking to improve women’s experiences in the Irish maternity system.

    AIMSI has been contacted by many women regarding services and care around the time of a pregnancy loss. We appreciate that this is a sensitive and emotive topic. AIMS Ireland would like to extend our most sincere condolences on your loss. AIMSI have created this survey to further investigate services received around pregnancy loss.

    AIMSI believe that the nature and quality of services offered to women at this time is very important. If you wish to share your experiences of the health and maternity services you received around the time of your loss, we would ask you to complete this survey.

    If you would like to discuss your experiences in more detail, or if you need any further support relating to your loss, please contact AIMSI Support and Information at
    Thank You and Best Wishes,

    Jene Kelly, AIMSI,
    Support and Information Aide

    Anne Mathews, AIMSI,

    Survey Link:

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