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    Hi just wondering if anyone knows of a good car valet service would like to have the car done before baby comes in two weeks. I can drop the car of if there are any mobile ones even better also prices would help a lot. thanks


    hi there
    there used to be a shop in duleek that did valets the guy came to you picked the car up and dropped it back.. my dog had my car distroyed from visits to the vet recently and i got that chap tony to do mine it was a brillant job i must say and he had lots of options like mini valet / full valets .. very good il be using him again now before the xmas ..

    il pm you his number


    hells bells the tyre place in duleek does valets – i got the car washed there on fri – just washed but they did a blooming good job of it – car is cleaner that it’s been in months!


    Crystal clean car valeting in the airport level A. These guys have all the proper gear to clean a car…. Prices depend on what you want done. let me know wat you need done and i’ll get the best price for you.


    Jack Dorans in the industrial estate do a valenting service now. Basic one is 25Euro and takes an hour. Cant remember how much the next one is but it takes 2 hours.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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