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    This is my worst nightmare….that poor woman, thank goodness the children are ok, could have been alot worse, sounds like the driver was a madman!! here is the story….

    "Gardaí have opened fire on a stolen car in Limerick after it was taken from a shopping centre with a child inside it.

    The vehicle was stolen from a car park in Cratloe at around 9.15am this morning.

    Two children managed to get out, but a three-year-old boy remained inside until the driver stopped a short time later and let the child out of the car near Moyross.

    Gardaí later apprehended the driver and ordered him out of the car.

    It is alleged that the driver then drove at gardaí when they shot at him.

    It is reported the man was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

    The man has been arrested and the Garda Ombudsman is investigating the incident"

    Read more: … z1BaWrBOX2


    sounds like South Africa all over again…. 😥 This wouldn’t be unusual. Horrific…


    this happened in North Dublin about 12 months ago, the child was in the car for 3 hours and if i remember about 10 squad cars and 2 choppers looking for the car….. very little coveage in the press

    Let it be a lesson to us all, you can replace a car but not a child

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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