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    been looking around at the services that garages are offering for full service as stated, i used to work as a service advisor all those years ago before motherhood and know what to look out for and also know what’s involved and that bugs service people when they see a woman drop a car in for service…..

    ANYHOW, been ringing around and see adverts in the papers most will offer servicing from – that mean basic oil & filter change and check over and if need replacing of air filter, that’s extra, need spark plugs that’s extra too…..
    so full service price that’s better value – oil & filter change, air filter, spark plugs and check over as standard, yop up of all levels, water, and coolant and window washer, tyre air – (extras would be bulbs, wipers, brake pads etc) so the 2 places that i have found that are offering value for money are at present –

    BLACKSTONE MOTORS – 169EURO for full service, courtesy car free while car in and free mini valet, wash hoover, windows and scent….

    the other for mechanical service is A&J PIPER – they’re offering full service, oil & filter, air filter, spark plugs (excluding longlife ones which means they do not go and if they do cost 200to replace), coolant longlife, brake fluid replacement (not always needed but clears the lines and improves braking), tyre filled with nitrogen, rolling road brake test (handy if having car nct), headlights realigned(again nct) but should be done in service anyway, air con testing, emissions (again nct) all for 150EURO

    so if looking for that car service and value i would recommend either or, the top one Blackstone motors for the regular just full service with no pending nct and A&J PIPER for service and if require NCT…..

    most other places prices start from 150/160 up to 220euro….

    so sorry if bored ya but as i said i worked in the industry and know how they make the money so helps if you know what to expect in a service as we’re told shop around…. the above would be for servicing of cars up to 1.6ltr….. after that there are price changes…


    thats a great tip Scole, will definately keep this for cars next service 😆


    Thats mad I was on to Blackstone last week and I was told 280 for full service and 180 for small service!!!!!!

    I think the price of you service depends on the make of car you drive, I will be going to blackstone for my service as I have to go to a renault garage as you need the computer updated, it will save me driving to Navan


    thanks for that scole!! that is exactly what i have to do in the next few weeks and i was dreading getting ripped off as i havent got a clue about prices to compare.


    well they said any car full service is that price…..obviously slow at the moment


    Thats really helpful i need to get this done too and its handy to have an idea of prices…thanks 😀


    If anyones interested in a full service for €130-€140, pm me & I can give you details of a fully qualified mechanic!


    Where is the second garage you mention?


    I go to A & J Pipers, and this time there was a coolant light coming on in my car, so I thought it could be something wrong with the engine so didnt want to take a chance Anyhows they had the car for 2 full days checking it over, and all he charged me was €20.00!!!!! I thought this was excellant!! Was afraid it was going to cost me fortunes!!

    Sunshine orla, they are up accorss from the NCT centre (and the kangaroo club is) do you know where that is?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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