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    We are going on family holiday to spain end of july. Baby O will be 7mth and we have a 7yr old as well… Was wondering on holidays for baby seats in particular if taxi supply their own or do you have to bring car baby seats each time you wish to travel by taxi. I was hoping just to bring a neat/small buggy on holiday but thinking more about it, I may have to bring the "travel system", ie, the buggy, bucket carseat etc.. any advice on what is recommended… we were on hols in this spainish resort before and love a little spainish village which is approx 10min taxi ride up mountain region,, just wondering the logistics of bringing car seat and buggy etc…any advice, welcome


    you can hire seat when away, but think it’s up to you and not the driver to provide….the only thing about the car seat if bringing is my fear it would get damaged when they put it in the hold, you cannot bring on board aircraft, we’ll be going to portugal in sept and are looking into this there’s a company that supplies in portugal dunno anywhere else called babyonboard……can’t find link but hubby came across i’ll ask him….

    but check with the embassy even to see what their laws are in spain,if it’s a case you’re just making the 2 trips to and from airport etc….


    you don’t have to have a carseat by law. The (registered) taxi driver is covered, its a strange thing but you would probably prefer to have one since he’s so little.

    You’ll get lots of help if you’re travelling with a tour operator and tell them in advance. Otherwise im not sure. You may have to call the airline to ensure you dont get charged for extra cargo. But try not to stress – to be honest I’d bring the lot rather than relying on chance or hire companies.


    Just back from France…we hired a car and also hired the car seats…turned out when we were checking in that Ryanair would have considered the buggy with the car seat attached (the travel system?) as your allowed buggy and not charged us extra..we had a double buggie with us but could have sat the car seat part on top as part of it…otherwise it is charged as extra (cheaper to book it online than to pay at airport)…you’re not legally obliged to have your children in car seats in taxis but for peace of mind (especially the baby) you’re best to take your own…and hiring one there can bea pain as you use it in the taxi to go somewhere and then are stuck with it to carry around until you’re going back again!!!…by the way, amazed and delighted to say that Ryan air were a pleasure to fly with…was nervous with two young kids (6mths and 3yrs) but they were great. Have a great holiday!!!


    that’s good to hear, that’s who we’re flying with and the whole car seat issue is one were looking into……..


    Hi there,

    I have brought my ds abroad a few since he was born – 4 months, 10 months, 21 months. Never brought a car seat. He just sits on our lap on the transfer coach or in a taxi. No one ever bats an eyelid. It feels odd as safety is so drummed into us here. I know it is not the safest and i will be the worst mother in the world for saying this but it is so handy not to have to bother with fussing over a seat, straps etc & to just sit into a taxi with him on your lap.

    Enjoy your holiday.

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