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    looking for a car with a good width back seat not the usual 2 and a half width. Had a people carrier with 3 full seats but looking to change now to regular car with 3 full back seats (if out there). Also looking over 2008 re tax and low engine size……any recommendations.


    We have a renault scenic and the 3 back seats are good size.

    We like it a lot.

    I would like a people carrier but it’s not going to happen. 😆



    I have to Toyota Corolla Verso….. and it can hold 3 car seats in the back. Personally I love the car.


    ford focus c max LOVE it! maybe cause our old car was 12yrs old when we changed but i love the cmax and the girls are a tad higher in the back


    We only changed last week, have a look at the renault fluence, nice size and low tax etc…… all the new renaults have 104 euro tax and my dh travels about 1000km per week, he filled up at the start of last week and only had to fill up again today (70euro) He was putting nearly 80euro a week in in petrol and paying 540euro in tax, so huge savings


    they’re great savings taylor!!!

    Love Toyotas myself, if could go back to them would do it in a flash.


    We changed my husbands car in August – He got Merc – great space in the back… Lovely to drive…

    It would fit 3 seats easily…

    I would love to change mine… but not happening its a01 – 7 seater… i use it for taxing the dd and ds around and going to and from work..

    My dh travels to Dublin 5 days a week and the merc is great about €60 for the week..


    Oh a merc… would love one, but have to settle for a hand me down car from dh, he only got a megane coupe… much smaller then what he was driving and it has all the extras, plus its saving us money.
    I LOVED my car, it had all bells and whistles, heated leather seats you name it, but it needed a new timing belt, brake calapers gone just to name a few problems, so it worked out much cheaper to change

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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