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    I really really hope this has all been resolved by now and that you were looked after well and are able to get back to normal and forget about it. what a long and drawn out nightmare for you.

    insurance companies have done so well out of covid. most of us weren’t driving much but instead of a proper refund or a decent discount on next years policy, we got a measly 30 euro gift voucher! How can this be fair??

    they are such awful companies, only thinking of profits and with the reduction in driving this year, they’ll no doubt make a fortune.

    so I really hope this is sorted for you now. x


    Still going through this bloody nightmare situation, there seems to be no end in sight!!!

    I was asked to go see the other sides doctor – in the same suite as the last doctor, at Blackrock Clinic. I initially said no, I did not want to go anywhere near a hospital during Covid and also, why did I have to go see another one of their doctors. I already went to see one of them. They said I had to go, so very reluctantly, I went this morning. I sat in the car park – as per their instructions – and had a phone consultation with the doctor for a few mins. He asked me so many questions and honestly, I was terrified of my answers because I feel like they are trying to catch me out or trip me up. I answered as honestly as I could, even when he asked about any accidents I’d had in past 10 years…..its insane that I had to tell him I fell of a ladder in 2015 and needed surgery to fix my kneecap. How this is relevant to a woman crashing in to me is beyond me.

    I had to go inside the clinic then for 5 mins for a physical exam. There were masks & gloves and it felt safe enough. I was uncomfortable but it did not feel unsafe in terms of Covid. I suppose, I just don’t understand why this is being dragged out so long when they admitted liability 1 week after the accident. I only missed a few weeks of work and had injuries that mostly settled after a while so why its been drawn out this long, I have no idea.

    It is extremely stressful but I’ve come this far, so gonna stick it out. Its crazy really – if they had just compensated me for my loss of earnings, which they said they would initially but then changed their minds, this would have been over 2 years ago.

    The world is a messed up place when doctors are needed so much on the frontline but instead, are working privately and billing insurance companies to check over car accident victims who have already been checked over by their colleagues.

    My brain is fried just thinking about it

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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