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    So, last week I was in traffic in Drogheda, waiting for the lights to change so I could drive on, when a woman reversed out of a space and straight into my rear door, on my driver side.

    There is not much damage to my car, just a small dent and few scratches but she frightened life out of me when she hit in to me. She got out of car and said she was sorry, that she was talking to someone and didn’t see me. I took pics of her reg and insurance and told her I would be in touch about the damage. She asked if I was ok and I said I was a bit shaky. She said she was on her way to a hospital appt and honestly, she seemed nice enough at the time. I’d say she’s in her 60’s. Once I had taken pics of her car and insurance, we parted ways and I said I’d be in touch soon once I got a quote for the damage.

    I went around to the Gardai and reported the incident and gave them her reg and my reg and explained what happened. I had a landline phone number for her but didn’t write down her surname and with the shock, it had gone right out my head, so I just gave them her first name. I also realised then that the pic I took of her insurance disc was quite blurry and not legible, so the Gardai said I should call her and get the rest of her details and then go to my insurance company about claiming for any damage.

    I got a quote for the damage, €400 and called her today. She answered the phone and I could hear a man in the background telling her what to say. She said she ‘didn’t think she had actually hit my car’ at all and that I was ‘illegally parked’ and therefore, in the wrong.

    I explained that I was in traffic, not parked and asked why she admitted to me that she was talking to someone and also, why did she apologise if she thought she hadn’t hit me? In fact, why did she get out of her car to see I was ok if she didn’t hit me. Her husband (or possibly a male relative) was prompting her to say she was not talking to anyone and that there was in fact, no incident.

    I said there was damage to my car and she replied that my car is ‘wrecked looking anyway’ and that she did not cause any damage. I asked for her surname and insurance details and she refused to give them to me. She asked me to ‘call back in an hour’ so she could call her insurance company and tell them about the incident and say that I was in the wrong.

    I just cannot believe that people can be so vile.

    I mean, she didn’t even take my reg or name or number – she only gave her hers because she was clearly in the wrong. And, even if, lets just say, I had been illegally parked (which I wasn’t) she would still be in the wrong for reversing out of a space without looking.

    I have to say, I am disgusted after that phone call I just had with her. This is a woman in her 60’s – has she no shame??? She told me she was on her way to a hospital appt and I actually felt bad for her.

    What kind of a world do we live. I am petrified now that she is going to try and make up lies about me.

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    Oh no,you poor thing- I really don’t know what is wrong with partner was in a very similar situation recently,older woman admitted wrong doing + then like that husband got involved + tried to talk his way out of it… car fixed in end + they paid but it added a lot of unnecessary stress to the situation.hope you get sorted out ok


    I feel like an idiot, I should have called the Gardai to the scene no matter what she said about being sorry and having a hospital appointment. I did drive straight to the Gardai but in hindsight, I should have called them.

    God, I feel so stupid. I mean, you hear about these kinds of things all the time.

    I am going to try get CCTV today and prove she hit me. I am reporting her to the Gardai for refusing to give me her full insurance details and also, I am going to tell them about her husband in the background prompting her to say I was illegally parked! He wasn’t even there – what a nightmare.

    She is causing me all this additional stress for damage of around €380. If it goes to her insurance company, it will cost her more in the long run.

    fingers crossed for CCTV…..



    I don’t even know where to start…

    I called her with the quote to fix my car and she denied the accident took place at all!! I could hear a man in the background telling her what to say. She said I was lying, making a false claim and that she never hit me. Then she said she was going to report me for dangerous driving and making a false claim. I was so shocked!!

    I put phone down and have been dealing through insurance companies now. Thankfully, Cctv showed her crashing right into my drivers side of car so her insurance company admitted liability. They’ll pay for repairs and my doctors bills & physio etc as my neck has been so sore since it happened and I had to take time off work.

    Its been so stressful and then I got some phone calls from the husband of the woman who crashed into me. He kept leaving me messages that they wanted to sort it out with me and that he was ‘expecting’ me to call him back. After what they did I decided not to call back.

    They’re not nice people so I’m going through the insurance companies now and hoping it will get resolved soon.



    Well, 6 weeks later and still not resolved. I had to apply for sick leave pay (finally, they give this to self employed people!) and while I applied 4.5 weeks ago, I have not had 1 cent from them yet. I also did not get any loss of earnings from the insurance company yet. So, I was out of work for almost 5 weeks; am still seeing my doctor, am still on anti inflammatory tablets and pain killers and have cancelled loads of work events, interviews etc and am seriously out of pocket.

    I am having weekly acupuncture sessions and its helping but its a slow process.

    The woman who crashed into me – who was on her phone at the time – actually told her insurance company I was lying! But thankfully, the CCTV proved she was wrong and I did nothing wrong.

    Its all so upsetting. I wish it was resolved but I reckon it will take a while before it is. I have to see their insurance doctor and also, to speak with an investigator. its very stressful.

    I am so nervous about everything. even driving right now, I am very nervous in the car.

    I suppose after a while I’ll get back to normal but I’ve just got to get through this.



    Does that person who crashed into u get penalty points or anything? does she get in trouble cos it seems really unfair if she just gets away with all dat

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