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    So, last week I was in traffic in Drogheda, waiting for the lights to change so I could drive on, when a woman reversed out of a space and straight into my rear door, on my driver side.

    There is not much damage to my car, just a small dent and few scratches but she frightened life out of me when she hit in to me. She got out of car and said she was sorry, that she was talking to someone and didn’t see me. I took pics of her reg and insurance and told her I would be in touch about the damage. She asked if I was ok and I said I was a bit shaky. She said she was on her way to a hospital appt and honestly, she seemed nice enough at the time. I’d say she’s in her 60’s. Once I had taken pics of her car and insurance, we parted ways and I said I’d be in touch soon once I got a quote for the damage.

    I went around to the Gardai and reported the incident and gave them her reg and my reg and explained what happened. I had a landline phone number for her but didn’t write down her surname and with the shock, it had gone right out my head, so I just gave them her first name. I also realised then that the pic I took of her insurance disc was quite blurry and not legible, so the Gardai said I should call her and get the rest of her details and then go to my insurance company about claiming for any damage.

    I got a quote for the damage, €400 and called her today. She answered the phone and I could hear a man in the background telling her what to say. She said she ‘didn’t think she had actually hit my car’ at all and that I was ‘illegally parked’ and therefore, in the wrong.

    I explained that I was in traffic, not parked and asked why she admitted to me that she was talking to someone and also, why did she apologise if she thought she hadn’t hit me? In fact, why did she get out of her car to see I was ok if she didn’t hit me. Her husband (or possibly a male relative) was prompting her to say she was not talking to anyone and that there was in fact, no incident.

    I said there was damage to my car and she replied that my car is ‘wrecked looking anyway’ and that she did not cause any damage. I asked for her surname and insurance details and she refused to give them to me. She asked me to ‘call back in an hour’ so she could call her insurance company and tell them about the incident and say that I was in the wrong.

    I just cannot believe that people can be so vile.

    I mean, she didn’t even take my reg or name or number – she only gave her hers because she was clearly in the wrong. And, even if, lets just say, I had been illegally parked (which I wasn’t) she would still be in the wrong for reversing out of a space without looking.

    I have to say, I am disgusted after that phone call I just had with her. This is a woman in her 60’s – has she no shame??? She told me she was on her way to a hospital appt and I actually felt bad for her.

    What kind of a world do we live. I am petrified now that she is going to try and make up lies about me.

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    Oh no,you poor thing- I really don’t know what is wrong with partner was in a very similar situation recently,older woman admitted wrong doing + then like that husband got involved + tried to talk his way out of it… car fixed in end + they paid but it added a lot of unnecessary stress to the situation.hope you get sorted out ok


    I feel like an idiot, I should have called the Gardai to the scene no matter what she said about being sorry and having a hospital appointment. I did drive straight to the Gardai but in hindsight, I should have called them.

    God, I feel so stupid. I mean, you hear about these kinds of things all the time.

    I am going to try get CCTV today and prove she hit me. I am reporting her to the Gardai for refusing to give me her full insurance details and also, I am going to tell them about her husband in the background prompting her to say I was illegally parked! He wasn’t even there – what a nightmare.

    She is causing me all this additional stress for damage of around €380. If it goes to her insurance company, it will cost her more in the long run.

    fingers crossed for CCTV…..


    I don’t even know where to start…

    I called her with the quote to fix my car and she denied the accident took place at all!! I could hear a man in the background telling her what to say. She said I was lying, making a false claim and that she never hit me. Then she said she was going to report me for dangerous driving and making a false claim. I was so shocked!!

    I put phone down and have been dealing through insurance companies now. Thankfully, Cctv showed her crashing right into my drivers side of car so her insurance company admitted liability. They’ll pay for repairs and my doctors bills & physio etc as my neck has been so sore since it happened and I had to take time off work.

    Its been so stressful and then I got some phone calls from the husband of the woman who crashed into me. He kept leaving me messages that they wanted to sort it out with me and that he was ‘expecting’ me to call him back. After what they did I decided not to call back.

    They’re not nice people so I’m going through the insurance companies now and hoping it will get resolved soon.


    Well, 6 weeks later and still not resolved. I had to apply for sick leave pay (finally, they give this to self employed people!) and while I applied 4.5 weeks ago, I have not had 1 cent from them yet. I also did not get any loss of earnings from the insurance company yet. So, I was out of work for almost 5 weeks; am still seeing my doctor, am still on anti inflammatory tablets and pain killers and have cancelled loads of work events, interviews etc and am seriously out of pocket.

    I am having weekly acupuncture sessions and its helping but its a slow process.

    The woman who crashed into me – who was on her phone at the time – actually told her insurance company I was lying! But thankfully, the CCTV proved she was wrong and I did nothing wrong.

    Its all so upsetting. I wish it was resolved but I reckon it will take a while before it is. I have to see their insurance doctor and also, to speak with an investigator. its very stressful.

    I am so nervous about everything. even driving right now, I am very nervous in the car.

    I suppose after a while I’ll get back to normal but I’ve just got to get through this.


    Does that person who crashed into u get penalty points or anything? does she get in trouble cos it seems really unfair if she just gets away with all dat


    This nightmare feels like it will never end. Last night I just cried my eyes out, I’m not sure I can take much more of this.

    Almost 11 months ago a woman crashed into the side of my car, while I was waiting in traffic for the lights to turn. She hit me so hard, the impact broke my air bag reel and left me with quite a stiff & sore neck. She apologised at the scene and gave me all her details and said she would pay any damages herself. She said she was going to a hospital appt and she was in her 60’s, so I let her go and I reported it to the Gardai.

    A few days later I called her and she denied the accident ever happened. Her husband came on the phone and threatened me – he said he would report me for dangerous driving if I didnt drop it! she was in the car alone, he wasn’t even there.

    I told my insurance company and after a few days, her insurance company called mine to say the accident was her fault. I thought it would not be difficult to deal with after that but I was so wrong.

    I was out of work with a very sore neck and upper shoulder and a saliva infection – I was in an awful state, I had to cancel loads of work commitments and I lost a radio slot and some clients as a result of it.

    Her insurance company paid to have my car fixed and said I needed to send them info to get loss of earnings from them. I sent them doctors reports, letter from my account with 3 years income, showing how the accident has caused my income to drop. I missed a mortgage payment! i sent them letters from the acupuncture I was having, and copies of all prescriptions too.

    they sent me to their own doctor and he wrote a report (that they would not share with me) and out of nowhere, they said they would not be paying me any loss of earnings. Nothing. Nada. I had not gotten one cent from social welfare because I am self employed, so I was really out of pocked as a result of the accident.

    The insurance company told me to put a request into PIAB (the independent personal injuries board) and that PIAB would asses my claim and they would recommend if I should get loss of earnings as a result of the accident.

    This was in January and the accident happened in September. I was so confused, I had co-operated completely with the insurance company and they led meto believe they would look after my loss of earnings, so it was shock to me that I had to go to an injuries board.

    I had not even spoken to a solicitor but at this stage, I started to get worried that they were never going to reimburse me for the money I lost so I got a solicitor to get on to the case and help me. My solicitor helped me put in the PIAB application and then we had to wait 90 days for confirmation that they had the application. We got a letter to say they had the application but that the insurance company had ‘declined’ to have my claim assessed.

    I was again, very confused, they had told me to go to PIAB and then they refused to let PIAB assess my application.

    I was very upset and asked them why they were doing this and they said, they don’t have to tell me. And I asked my solicitor and she said its true, they don;t have to tell me.

    So now I choose to initiate court proceedings or let the whole thing go. I am scared and confused and so upset. I cried my eyes out last night.

    I was hurt in this accident, I lost money, had to cancel work commitments and I feel like giving up. But there is a part of me saying, don’t give up, I haven’t done anything wrong.

    I could literally burst out crying right now. its so horrible.

    any advice guys???


    I dont know i think maybe you should get more legal advice.
    Such a mess but if you can carry on then do so unless its causing you more upset.


    I have a really good solicitor now and she is helping me. Its ironic I deliberately did not get a solicitor involved for a long time because I didn’t think I would need to. The insurance company admitted liability and I had doctors notes for the few weeks I was off and a letter confirming my average income from my accountant and I thought that would be it.

    But its all gotten so complicated. I think since the cases like Maria Bailey (the TD who fell off a swing in a hotel in Dublin, while drinking and tried to due them for 60k damages!) have come to light that insurance companies are trying to get cases thrown out for any reason and are trying not to pay people like me who were forced off work and lost money. So the genuine cases are now suffering as a result of the fraudulent ones.

    I never wanted any of this hassle. I never wanted that woman to crash in to me. I never wanted to miss almost 7 weeks of work. I lost clients and money. I missed a mortgage payment. I missed a heap of work events. I missed parties. I was unable to continue with a 12 week exercise programme I was only 3 weeks into because I could not exercise from the neck and upper back pain.

    Maybe the insurance company are trying to frustrate and stress me out so much, that they think I will just let the whole thing drop and to be honest, I have seriously considered doing that. Last week I rang my solicitor and said I was on the verge of just letting it go. I feel like they are going to try to discredit me or something – I don’t know how or why but I have been worried about it alot.

    But, I know I did nothing wrong. My solicitor knows I did nothing wrong. We think they are treating me really badly to make me just go away. But if I drop it, then I’ve lost clients and income and the woman who crashed into me while she was busy chatting on her phone just gets away with it. Despite me reporting it to the Gardai, they never followed it up. I also told them about her husband saying threatening things to me on the phone and they did nothing with that information either.

    I had so much pain in the weeks & months after the accident I had to go to my GP several times and twice to the doc on call when my fingers went numb and had pins & needles due to the injury to my trapezius muscle. I got a saliva infection in my face and neck a few weeks after the accident and my face and neck were so swollen, I could barely eat or swallow and I didn’t leave the house for a week.

    If I let it go, I will be disappointed in myself because I just think, insurance companies should not be allowed to treat people this way and I have to stand up for myself.

    I’ve been told they’ve probably gone through my Facebook page and any social media I am on to trip me up somehow but I don’t think there’s anything there that they can hold against me.

    Even when I did go back to work in November and December I had family members drive me and help me. I roped in my Mam, Dad, Husband, Aunt, Sisters and kids! They all rallied around me. Some events I had been booked to do from September and my family were so good to help me. I may be smiling in some of my pics and videos but behind the camera, I was in pain and getting alot of help.

    I hope it gets resolved soon. I am trying not to let it stress me too much, I went for a massage last weekend but when she started to work on my upper back on the right side, there was a clicking feeling and she asked me had I been injured because the muscle was damaged. So even now, 11 months on, I still have pain from this accident.

    I wish the insurance company could realise I am actually a nice, decent and honest person and just settle the flipping thing with me.

    fingers crossed it all gets sorted soon. I do believe in Karma and that good things come to good people and I hope to God that applies here.

    But I know in the great scheme of things, this is not a big issue really but I just felt like I needed to vent a little so thanks for letting me let off some steam.



    Insurance companys have to be more strict now cos of all the bogus claims in past few years. its because of high payouts that its so hard to get payouts for anyone now. there are stupid payouts still happening, like the girl who fell on the train tracks and sued irish rail and got half a million euro. how was that their fault that she jumped on to the tracks cos she was messing with her mates.

    but then it affects people like you who have a proper right to be able to get your loss of earnings.

    the insurance company sound awful but i guess they have to be like this now

    sorry for you though, sounds horrible and very stressful

    i do hope it gets sorted soon and you are ok.


    I have to keep thinking that its not personal to the insurance company. To them, its about not paying out for accidents and its not like they are trying to deliberately upset me, they are just mean. So, I’ve got to try not let it get to me.

    hoping it will be settled soon. I have thought about dropping it but I know I did nothing wrong and I would be disappointed in myself if I did.


    So, you got crashed into, then lied to, then threatened, then you missed work, were in pain, lost money, had huge stress and you are the one being dragged through a long, stressful process to get back some of what you lost.

    none of this is your fault. its total bs that you have to go through all this crap.

    so unfair. i honestly hope it gets sorted soon. its terrible that real cases like yours are dragged out this way.

    its cos of all the chancers out there taking advantage of the system but then, that causes people like you to be treated with suspicion and to be treated really badly. i am so sorry for you. i hope it gets resolved for you soon and youll get back what you lost – or at least some of what you lost.

    stay strong


    Sorry for you Sabbi. I think if they knew you at all, they would settle with you and give you back your loss of earnings and a big apology. you are always doing things for other people and other mammies and its so sad that you are being treated this way. its viscous and horrible but I believe in Karma and think it will all work out in the end. you are a good and decent person and you will get what you are entitled to. I really hope so. thinking of you and please try not to be too stressed by it all – these insurance companies want you to be upset and stressed so you’ll drop the case, but from the sounds of it, you did nothing wrong at all and you deserve to be compensated for all the work you lost and hurt you were causes. x


    This horrible, stressful situation is still not resolved. It has upset me so so much. Its hard to believe insurance companies can stoop so low….though, I probably shouldn’t be surprised, since this happened to me I have heard so many stories about how awful it is to go through a car accident claim.

    I just don’t understand why it has to be so difficult. I was crashed into, my car was declared a write off, I was injured and in the first few weeks after the accident, the woman’s insurance company admitted liability and said they would compensate me. I didn’t get a solicitor because I didn’t think I needed one tbh but in hindsight, maybe I should have got one sooner. I co-operated with the woman’s insurance company all the way sending them doctors notes, details of my earnings, loss of earnings etc. and then, suddenly, they said they would not compensate me after all. No reason why, they said they don’t have to give me a reason. They referred me to the injuries board and then, declined to have the claim assessed by the injuries board! It makes no sense!!

    I lost clients, I missed events, I lost a fair bit of income and as a result, I missed a mortgage payment. I was off work for over 6 weeks and as I’m self employed I was not entitled to any sick pay – not one cent! It was super stressful when it happened and now, a year and a half later, it is still super stressful.

    The insurance company have said that they think I am making an eggasurated claim and that they will fight me aggressively, all the way to court. I am so worried. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I can clearly show my loss of earnings so I don’t understand why they don’t just pay me what I lost. I was not looking for loads of compensation or anything like that.

    I have a solicitor now, who is helping me and even she says they are being very aggressive towards me so I am worried about going forward but every time I think about not progressing with the claim I remember the late mortgage payment, I remember waking up with pins and needles in my fingers and shooting pains down my arm, I remember the pain in my shoulder and neck area and I remember that I didn’t do anything wrong.

    That woman was talking while driving and was distracted when she crashed in to me. She lied about it and told her insurance company it never happened. Her husband threatened me over the phone in order to try and get me to drop it after the CCTV showed it did happen.

    I have a witness to the accident who says its clear the impact of her car crashing into mine was significant. My whole car shook when she hit me.

    I guess I just needed to vent on here….I cannot drop it because I know I didn’t do anything wrong and I know I am entitled to be compensated for my loss of earnings.

    I just wish it wasn’t so difficult 🙁



    OMG this is still going on and is getting worse and worse and is stressing me out so much. I know, in light of everything that’s going on right now in the world it should not be worrying me but its gotten so insane now that I am really upset

    The insurance company for the other driver admitted the accident was her fault and they wrote in an email to me a few weeks after the accident that they would give me compensation for loss of earnings because I missed alot of work – but since then, they have completely changed their tune and are being horribly difficult. Its been 18 months since this happened and its really getting to me.

    I only got a solicitor involved a year ago when I could not resolve the situation with them because they changed their minds about paying me compensation without giving me any reason. Now the other drivers insurance company have said they will aggressively fight me and will go after me for their costs, as well as my own in court.

    I don’t understand why this is happening, its gotten so messy. The solicitor for the other drivers insurance company sent me a list of questions that I had to answer and it includes giving details of any injuries I’ve had in the past 10 years. So, for example when I fell off a ladder 5 years ago at home and displaced my kneecap, I have to give a full account to them including doctors reports, hospital reports etc. It has to be extremely detailed and I have to have it signed by a notary, making it a legally binding document. To be totally honest, there are some accidents in my history – going back years that I barely remember, yet I am expected to know every single detail and if I do not, I could be held accountable for not including something. So if I forget something that happened 8, 9 or even 10 years ago, they can hold this against me.

    Its a bizarre situation, I am trying so hard to remember every little detail but its almost impossible! I have 4 children and a job and I am always running around, being busy (apart from now obvs!) but I cannot remember everything and I am so worried I might leave something out and they’ll use it against me

    How have I got to this position? That woman crashed into me. She broke my air bag reel on the side of my car. My rear driver door could only be fixed by being replaced. She hurt me. She admitted it was her fault at the scene. Then, when she changed her mind about it being her fault she got so nasty. Her husband threatened me, he called me a liar and said he was going to report me for dangerous driving, making a false claim and parking illegally – even though he wasn’t there! She told her insurance company I had made the whole thing up. Thank goodness for the CCTV proving she was in fact lying, not me. But when why am I the one whose life is being put under a microscope. She was on her phone when she crashed into me and she has not gotten into any trouble at all. She lied, her husband lied and there has been no repercussions for them.

    This all seems so very unfair. My legal bill – because they have dragged this out to over a year already – is over €2,000 and I am terrified that if I lose somehow, I will be liable for their fees as well as mine.

    I am stressed to the max about it…it is so horrible. My husband has lost his job and I have no income right now because all my work is cancelled too. How on earth would we pay a legal bill like this?

    I don’t know how we can lose but I am worried that they have something planned to use against me. I did nothing wrong but I am being harassed to remember every little detail of my medical history – how is this fair??

    sorry for the rant, I just cannot believe that its come to this 🙁

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