Caprice is having 2 babies in 4 months!

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    Model Caprice had been trying to get pregnant with her partner for over a year but because of her age, she is almost 40, she was worried it would not happen naturally for her. She felt that time was running out, so she and her partner enlisted the help of a surrogate.

    Their surrogate became pregnant and they were delighted. Their baby was on the way and they were chuffed. Then – maybe because they were relaxed and no longer stressing about trying to conceive – Caprice found herself pregnant!!!

    They had not thought they would be able to conceive so now they have two babies coming!

    So she will be getting her surrogate baby in a few months and then, 4 months later, she will be due to give birth to her second baby!

    I don’t usually say this, but I think she might actually need a nanny – imagine looking after a newborn and being 5 months pregnant?!

    Good luck to her though, its a happy story.

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