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    Just wondering if you can help me by ticking poll of what you would be most interested in….I am planning to do a new training course as have to keep updating my skills along with my Reflexology,Reiki & IET…

    Can decide between….
    Hot Stone Massage – Massage using hot & cold stones placed on pressure points of body and stones used to gently massage away tension….can also be used on the feet during reflexology treatments

    Flower Remedies – a remedy can be prescribed for you to take at regular intervals to help with many ailments & stress related symptoms…all very natural & gentle…can be given to children & pets….

    Nutrition advisor – to advise which foods you should be eating for your own personal circumstances & to try & relieve symptoms of intolerances,colour therapy with food,vitamin & mineral advice…which foods to eat together….not a dietician but more so an holistic approach to what we put into our bodies…

    all these I would love to train in at some stage but as with us all at moment finances do not allow me to do more than one at a time….

    So I would be so grateful if you could enter which you would be most interested in visiting a therapist for….then i can take this into account when i make my decision over what to train in next….

    Many thanks,

    Moonflower xxx


    I would be intrested in the hot stone and the flower rescue, I only use the bach rescue remedy and its brilliant


    thanks Taylor,yes i love the rescue remedy too…a bit too much at times 😳

    But there are so many other flower remedies out there….my sister goes to a lady in uk for Reflexology and she also gives her a little bottle of a flower remedy she has mixed up for her & she sips it in between treatments and it really helps her feel calm and relaxed……I cant wait to start studying more about them……there are even some called the Moonflower essences 🙂


    love the hotstone massage, that’s so relaxing and to have the option of the reflexology that would be great…..


    oh definietely the hot stone massage
    I got this done once in Wexford and it was amazing
    i got it done another time in dublin and it was dosen’t as well but done properly (as I know you would do it moonflower) it’s sooo relaxing.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to study 😆


    Planning to do a bach remedie course myself in November. Where is this flower couse on? how log is the course? may do that instead.

    Just for personal use, i wont be competition.


    Hi Moonflower 🙂

    i say Hot Stone Massage 😛


    DH and I (try to) do a DIY hot stone massage on occasion – it can be quite nice – so I’d love to know where you’redoing this course to learn to do it properly and also the flower remedy course – I got a remedy for mood swings – and found it great!


    Hot stone from me too!


    Looks like Hot Stone it is then!! I will be needing some case studies,so please watch this space as I may be onto you to ask for some guinea pigs……………

    The flower remedy course I wanted to do was in UK,as it was the Moonflower remedies that I am particularly drawn to (wonder why!!)…but I may do the Bush Flower course which you can do online… can do the Bach remedies online & then have to attend Uk to do the practioneer level….

    Thanks for all your input girls….very much appreciated as was in a bit of a pickle as to which way to turn!!

    while I am on subject…have a look at Roisin at New leaf therapies website..see ad at side of board…..I have been going to her for a while now for aromatherapy treatments and she is marvellous….she is just about to start supplying me with her homemade footcream to use on my clients – she makes it from scratch with all organic ingredients….I absolutely love her cream and she is a very powerful healing therapist as well…took me a while to find someone i felt was right for me but would recommend her for sure….

    Many thanks and blessings to you all,

    Moonflower xxx

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