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    Can you move about the room when in labour in Ireland to get comfortable, squat etc or is it all you must be in the bed stirrups etc ?

    Have tried to find the answer but can’t. It’s very important to me but no one ever seems to talk about it.

    Perhaps it’s obvious to me but not to me.

    I see these programmes on BBC and the Mid Wives seem so open minded, professional etc I have a weird feeling it would not be like that here???

    Thanks in advance for any info from all you been there done that Moms :)


    I moved about both times….. until the actual delivery of both….. spent my time virtually cradling the pilates ball and did a major amount of walking…. 🙂
    Actually at one stage someone else wanted the ball and I threatened them intense bodily harm! 😆 😳 … so, in my experience… yes, you can move about…. although in saying that, perhaps different hospitals have different policies….? My kids were born in Donegal….


    Same as above in Drogheda- I was encouraged to move when I was in labour on no. 1- was too quick on 2 & 3 so there was no moving 😀 Ask the midwife when you are doing your ante-natal classes….


    Hi there,

    You can move as long as you do not have an epidural – once you have that, you have to lie flat on your back. Move as much as you want.

    When it comes to pushing – you can lie down or you can deliver standing up if you want – much easier.(Again only if you do not have an epidural)


    There is a new epidural being tested in the Rotunda Hospital that enabales you to still have the use of your legs,so you could move around.


    I had a baby 2 weeks ago in OLOL and I was aloud walk around the hospital grounds untill my waters broke then I was told to walk around the wards but not leave the floor incase of infection. I used a ball aswell


    One midwife said to me ‘you can stand on your head or whatever position works for you’ so I would take that as a massive yes, that you can move around in labour.

    The only time you are asked to lie down is if there is a concern or if something does not look right.

    Be strong, write a birth plan and tell your midwife what position you would like to try and if and when you want to walk around or have a bath.

    It is your labour and the staff are there to support and help you so do not be afraid to speak out about what you would like.

    Best of luck – hope that helps!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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